The Ghost of the Yaquina Bay Light – Oregon Coast

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Today’s blog post is a lazy one – here is a spooky post I wrote yesterday for Pinhole Obscura. 🙂

Pinhole Obscura

Last Summer when I was in Newport, OR I visited the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. It’s a beautiful old house. As I wandered through with my pinhole camera I happened to hear the story of the ghost of the lighthouse.


The story went something like this:

The house had been abandoned for many years and became a place where teenagers would party on the weekends. Which is exactly what happened on a Friday Night in the early 70s. They were on the top floor of the house when they found a porthole, which they took and that led out to the beach (this is where I had a hard time with the guy’s story). When they reached the beach, one of the girls in the party realized she’d forgotten something in the house. So she went back to retrieve it. Then came shrieks from the house! The kids ran up to…

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Photography Friday: Little Crater Lake

Photography, Travel and Other Adventures

Photography Friday: Little Crater Lake
Raf and I went to Timothy Lake on Sunday, by way of Little Crater lake. This is more like a pool. It’s was, or is, created by alpine springs and is very deep. Here is a short little blurb about it.

It is also supposed to be haunted! According to this website campers sometimes see teenagers swimming in the very cold lake with arms outstretched, as if calling for help. spooky!