Warham Camp, Norfolk

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One of the most memorable places we visited in Norfolk was Warham Camp, which is the remnants of Iron Age settlement. I’ve said this before on this blog, but it’s really hard for me to wrap my mind around the history of the really old places I’ve visited in Europe so far. It blows my mind when I walk around places that were inhabited by people thousands of years ago. This place was simply magical.


the walk to Warham Camp



41701893892_662d48267a_b.jpgwarham camp

There was a tree on the site that I liked. I’m certain it isn’t as old as the settlement, but still. It had a good vibe.
a magnificent tree

Warham Tree 1

Warham Tree 2

Warham Camp is circular hill fort. In the photos you can see the hill and trench. This trench/hill circles the settlement and was used for defense. Here are some websites with more information about this interesting place:

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day


Way back in April, (the 26th to be exact) there was a meeting in Portland of pinhole photographers from around the world. It was an epic day. It started at 6:30 am with a sunrise meetup and ended around 10:00 pm and bowling. So much fun was had by all. It was completely awesome to meet several of my online friends for the very first time, and to see other online friends again. Next year we are planning on meeting in Barcelona for WPPD and I can’t wait. Raf and I are already making plans for our holiday there! (If you’ve been there and have ideas for things we must see let me know!).

There is a really wonderful set of images from everyone who attended our #GitTogether that day on the Pinholeday.org gallery. Check it out here!

It was really hard to choose the photo I wanted to submit for WPPD gallery, but in the end I chose the Keep Portland Weird photo I featured on my blog a few weeks ago.

Here are more pinhole images from the day.

The Human Statue

The Human Statue. Terrapin Bijou and Ektar 100.

The Florist

The Florist. Terrapin Bijou and Ektar 100.

The Violin Player

The Violin Player. Terrapin Bijou and Ektar 100.

The cat and the monkey

The Cat and the Monkey. Zero 2000 and Acros 100.

Gretchen at Newspace

Gretchen at Newspace. Zero 2000 and Acros 100.

Bowling for Bagdad

Bowling for Bagdad (accidental double exposure). Zero 2000 and Acros 100.

Keep Portland Weird


Keep Portland Weird

This past Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day! I met up with several friends from around the world in Portland. We had a fantastic time together. This is becoming an annual thing, these meetups. Last year we met in Amsterdam, this year in PDX, next year we will meet in Barcelona. I am already looking forward to next year’s adventure!

I am still waiting on film to come back from the lab from the day so I haven’t made my final decision, but I am, so far, leaning toward this one being my official submission to the Pinholeday.org website. I made several accidental double exposures that day due to beer, and just general excitement. I kind of feel like this photo sums up the day.  I will post the rest of my results in another post. You can see the group gallery for our #GitTogether here.


Geeky Bits:

Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Fuji Acros 100
Exposure time: 5 seconds
Development: Stand developed for 1 hour in Adonal.

The Tree in Black and White


The tree in B&W

Last month I visited Portland’s Japanese Garden with a roll of black and white film in my pinhole camera and thought I’d try pinholing The Tree. Here is the result.

Today I pinholed it again, but in color, with expired slide film that I will cross process. I was there with my fellow Pinhole Obscura blogger, Jeff. And I got to meet another pinhole photographer, Souhade of Pinholistically Yours. They are in town for WPPD on Sunday! Exciting stuff. I’ve had a great time seeing the photos from my internet friends converging on Portland this weekend. It reminds me of the anticipation and excitement I had when I went to Amsterdam last year. I am missing a little of that excitement this year since Portland is home and I’m not going anywhere. Seeing the excitement of my friends makes up for that. 🙂

Geeky Bits

Camera: Schlem P6*6
Film: Acros 100
Exposure Time: 22 seconds