“All my life, false and real, right and wrong entangled.
Playing with the moon, ridiculing wind, listening to birds,
many years were wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow.
This winter, I suddenly realize snow makes a mountain.”

                                                                                                       –  Dōgen


You never have to regret or apologize for nice.”

Matthew Thompson, aka @twinlensreflux


I have been coming back to this conversation I had on Twitter this past Friday. Very wise words to live by. I feel like this is everything I’ve been learning about the Precepts distilled down into a nice tidy sentence.

P.S. Look at this amazing rainbow I saw the other day!!

On kindness


“The truth of the line overwhelms all other considerations.”
-Leonard Cohen, The Book Of Longing.

I have been reading The Book Of Longing and have been very inspired by it. I really want to learn more about Cohen. He wrote some of it while staying at Mt Baldy Zen Center as a Buddhist Monk in seclusion. There is something about that fact that makes the poetry more touching to me, partly because I am also Buddhist but also because the poetry really displays his human side, even as he was seeking spirituality.

This particular quote caught my attention because it was hand written alongside a self portrait he drew in ink. I am interested in this idea of the line being truth, as in when you draw something, the line that is laid down with your hands is pure truth. If that makes sense.

the line