Crack That Whip


In the middle of a busy day, and this song played this morning on shuffle, so it’s been my theme song for the day. 🙂


You make me want to pick up a guitar…

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I was listening to music this morning and this oldie popped up on iTunes: Interpol’s Slow Hands. I love this song,and this whole album for that matter. I haven’t heard it in years and years.

So anyway!

I sprained my knee and have been crankily hobbling around on a crutch for the past week and a half. I really would love to get back into the habit of blogging more, but I am not sure that is going to be anytime soon. Maybe this post will be the seed that gets me going?




My friend made a remark about the Beyonce album Lemonade. This reminded me that I’ve been wanting to listen to it since it came out. I have never gotten around to it. I knew I wanted to give it a serious listen since it has received such great reviews. After hunting around for a free version I could stream and coming up empty handed, I decided to just download the whole thing from iTunes. I don’t usually download entire albums without hearing the songs first, but I trusted that this would be worth it since it’s already a classic. Plus, the album came with the video album and, being a child of MTV, I was sold. I love me some music videos.

I listened to the album twice since yesterday and watched the video album. I love it. I think it’s brilliant.

Since I’m currently involved in a slightly obsessive Sylvia Plath kick, I can’t help but make comparisons. Plath wrote her most brilliant work in a fit of rage as she dealt with her husband’s affair. Sadly, her story doesn’t end well. And it’s even worse that her husband completely disrespected her by making money off of her work posthumously, not having to decency to even publish her greatest accomplishment in the way that she clearly wanted it. But that is a rant for another time.

Beyonce’s story is different. Here is the story of a strong woman who works through her trauma and ends up a stronger woman on the other side. The album is raw, and emotional. I love it.



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I fell asleep beneath the flowers
For a couple of hours
On a beautiful day

I have to admit that I have lost a lot of motivation for a lot of things that I usually enjoy, blogging being one of those things, sadly. I am not sure what this is all about (depression? The weather?) but I guess instead of fighting it I will just go with it. I does fill me with a little bit of sadness though.

The two things that seem to be a constant are pinhole photography and running. I started training for another half-marathon and I’m really stoked about it. And I just got a new pinhole camera and I’m having a lot of fun with it. AND I have some good news in that department. My co-workers have asked me to display my pinhole photography at the library on our local artists wall! I was so honored that they asked. So I’m curating a few pinhole photos that I have taken at the library to hang for the couple of months on the art wall. Exciting stuff!


Here is a pinhole photo I took a couple of months ago on a nice day on a walk home from something, work probably. I got really focused on pinholing the pretty flowers I saw walking along. And then this Lupe Fiasco song popped into my head as I was shooting this. It’s on my running playlist and pops up often. This is the first time I’ve seen the video for this song. I like it!