The yellow house

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My uncle lived in my grandparent’s old house. When we were there for his funeral we decided to meet at the house afterward because it might be the last time we see it again. The house will, sadly, have to go back to the bank. I decided to take photos while I was there with my Yashica Mat.

When we walked into the door I was hit with memories from when my grandparents lived there. It was the smell. It was a good smell! The house is made, solidly, of wood. There is wood paneling all over the place and it smells like cedar. It is amazing how powerful the sense of smell is. It totally and completely takes me back to my visits there.

Things hanging in the window

Things hanging in the window. The curtains where there when my grandparents lived here.

The house in the back

This is a whole other house in the back yard that was originally on the property.

My grandparent's house

There she is, a little worse for wear.

old yellow house

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old yellow houseThis is an old, old house that is behind my grandparents house (which is also very old). I have fond memories of playing ball with my siblings in thier backyard. We made up this game where one of use would throw the ball up on the roof and the other person would wait for it to roll back down and hit it back up on the roof for the other person to hit it up there again.

Red Barn


Red Barn

My Mom and I went to visit my uncle today. He lives in my grandparents old house. It’s an awesome house. They used to have a farm, but sold some of thier land which has been developed. I took some pictures today that I will post this week.

When I was taking pictures of the old red barn I noticed a big, scary looking german sheperd wandering around, checking me out. Right after I snapped this picture he ran around that corner right towards me! It scared the crap out of me! I think I scared him, too because when I yelled he turned and ran the other direction. I guess he was just trying to be friendly 🙂