Sunday runday

Health and Fitness

I am happy to report that I was able to run today! My injury is healing up and I am in significantly less pain. Actually, the pain is pretty much gone. I’m still healing but I am so relieved to not be in excruciating pain anymore. Today’s scheduled run was 4 miles and I took it very slow today. And also, as a related aside, I’m thinking about purchasing a running bra called “The Last Resort.” For reasons.

Today’s power song was not as much a power song, but more a nice happy grove. It was De La Soul’s Eye Know.


Sunday runday

Health and Fitness

Today I ran a very painful 12 miles. I mentioned earlier this week about an injury. I was very tempted to just skip my run today because, holy fuck, this injury is fucking painful. Basically, my running bra has caused a blister which has caused an abscess.  This exact thing happened last year and it sucked then too. However, last year it happened earlier in my training. This year it’s happening at a key point in my training when I can’t really take much of a break. So I sucked it up and just fucking did that motherfucker. And it fucking hurt. I ran it reeeeallly slow. But ended up, still, in “the plan’s” slower end of the recommended running pace. So there you go.  Tonight I’m eating pizza and drinking beer because I deserve it.


Track day

Health and Fitness

Today my plan simply told me to do a Time Trial for 1 mile, and that’s it. A Time Trial, also known as the Magic Mile, is a way to measure your progress as you train. You are supposed to go to a track and run the mile as fast as you feel like you can. So that’s whatI did. In the blazing mid-day sun.

Since running one mile on my long running day is just completely ridiculous I decided to add my usual 4 mile trail run. I ended up running a bit further than I probably should’ve. Oh well.

My time for the mile has improved though! This makes my competitive, track running 15 year old in me proud.

Today’s power song was “Higher Ground” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Sunday run day 

Health and Fitness

This week I am back to adding to my long run. I’m up to 8 miles! It felt great today. The weather was perfect. After mile 5 the endorphins kicked in and I was running a little faster during my running segments. I am at the point in my training where I can swing by home halfway through for a quick bathroom break, which I did today. I also took a swig of pickle juice to perk me up. It took about 3 minutes total, so not much of a hit as far as time goes.

This week I got a little obsessed with beats per minute of songs. I am trying to figure out what the idea song bpm is for me so I can compile a smart playlist in iTunes. An app that I have clocked me at 155 earlier this week so I made a smart playlist of songs between 154 and 160. I got an eclectic mix of speed metal, celtic rock, and a few Blondie mixed in there for good measure.

I got kind of sick of the depressing lyrics of the death metal and ditched the smart playlist for my usual running playlist.

Today my power song was “Cheap Thrills” by Sia.

Here are some snapshots from my run. I saw a bunch of painted rocks and also met some of the creators of them. They were placing them on the trail as I ran by. I told them that they were awesome and that really liked them.