Wayback Wednesday



My high school friend found this and texted it to me last night. It is from, I think, my senior year. So 1986 or 87. I am being startled while walking out of a bathroom stall, I see. I have no memory of this particular event.

What was up with my outfit? What style was I going for? Conservative Middle Aged Socialite? I don’t know.

Twenty years

Will Rogers High School

Image by liberalmind1012 via Flickr

Yesterday was a strange day. I recieved a message in my inbox saying that I had a Myspace friend request. Skeptical, I logged into Myspace to see who this person was. As it turned out it was a real person and not a spammer. The person was someone that graduated from my High School the same year I did! We e-mailed back and forth a few times and decided that we really don’t remember each other, but as I was looking at her friend list I saw lots of familiar names and faces there. I checked out thier profiles and photos. I noticed that there were “reunion” albums in thier profiles. Reunion? Yes. Apparently there was a 20 year reunion, in Spokane, the town in which I live, last summer and I didn’t know about it. How did I not know about this? It’s not like I’m a hard person to find! I’m all over the freaking internet! And look, My name is posted right here on this page for the South Hill Library! and there is at least one person in this town that I graduated with that knows how to get ahold of me!

Needless to say I’m kind of pissed off about it. I’m actually someone who would’ve liked to have gone, had they invited me.

shunned again.

Why do I feel like I’m in High School?