we really need to impeach the man

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Okay. I could go on and on with a rant on this. But we really, really need to impeach Bush. And not just because he lied to us. The man is a tyrant. And, for the good of our country, the good of the world for that matter, we need to get him out of office. Now. This is what he said during his 60 Minutes interview:

Do you believe, as commander-in-chief, you have the authority to put the troops in there no matter what the Congress wants to do? Pelley asks.

I think I’ve got – in this situation, I do, yeah, Bush says.

Are you kidding me? He is going to just go ahead and do whatever the hell he wants and it doesn’t matter what Congress decides. He is out of control.

WE NEED TO IMPEACH HIM! ARe you listening to this Ms. Pelosi?

YOu can read the 60 Minutes article here.

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Truthout posts a couple of news articles that talk about how some Senators and Representatives, namely Boxer and Lewis, are discussing whether or not Bush should be impeached for spying on Americans. All I can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME congress started getting tough with the Bush administration! It’s about time that they push back. The man is out of control. He is not even trying to cover it up. He is admitting these things to the American people like we are all stupid and we will just allow him to break the law.

I say Impeach him! Please!


New Florida vote scandal feared


BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | New Florida vote scandal feared

A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan – possibly in violation of US law – to disrupt voting in the state’s African-American voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals.

How is Bush still president? Why is he not impeached yet? That is what I want to know. This is outragous! If he is re-elected I think we should, seriously, call for his impeachment.