Polaroid Week/World Toy Camera Day



Continuing with the Polaroid Week, theme: I learned through the Twitters that this past Saturday was World Toy Camera Day. I remembered that I had an instant back for my Holga and there was film in it! Yay! I could kill two birds with one stone! So I carried it with me to work to see what I could snap. I found my favorite fire hydrant and took a picture of it.  And then immediately learned that this was the last shot of the pack. I carried it with me to work and peeled it apart and found that I was shooting the sought-after Fuji FP-3000. And that was it. My last shot ever with this film. It kind of sums up my experience with it. It was a frustrating and disappointing ride. I gave my last pack away to my buddy Marisa and I am glad I did because I know it is much more capable hands. đŸ™‚

Polaroid Week – Day 2


Wednesday evening my Impossible film was waiting for me in the mailbox! So I loaded up my new-to-me SX-70. Here she is:

Honestly, it is such a gorgeous camera, and I LOVE how it folds up flat into it’s leather case.

I wasn’t super thrilled with the results from my outing with it, though. this is pretty typical, I just can’t seem to warm up to Impossible film. Though I do like it best so far with this camera. It’s just so hard to justify the price tag.

Regardless, I did have lots of fun with it!  Here are my shots around town. Click for more info.

Polaroid week – Day 1


I wasn’t originally planning on participating in Polaroid Week. However, last weekend I purchased a Polaroid SX-70 at a swap meet and so got caught up in the fun. I ordered some Impossible Film for the SX-70, but in the meantime I remembered that I had my grandfather’s old Land Camera 320 in the closet, with some film still loaded from when I inherited it a couple of years ago.

I also had it wired to take AAA batteries! So yay for Past Monica!
While I was waiting for the Impossible Film I brought it with me to work last Wednesday. I was delighted that it worked! I snapped some shots of our library and around town. I was surprised the film was still good because it has been in the camera for a couple of years and was expired even before It found it’s way into the camera. Score one for Fuji!

Here are my shots. I had a lot of fun with it!