Instax Double Exposures


I was recently the very lucky recipient of a very generous gift from a friend: an Instax SQ10. I’ve been taking with me nearly everywhere and I love it. I’ve been having fun with the double exposure feature and thought it might be fun to do a series of double exposure self portraits. Here are a few recent ones.



Paisley. Instax Square

Timberline Lodge

I have a few more that I’ll share in future posts.
I thought about doing this as a “one a day” project but I can’t always fit it in. So it’s a “once every so often when I think about it” project. 🙂


A very Instax Day


Last week I decided to dig my Instax out of the camera closet. I’d mentioned to my coworker that I had one and told her I would bring it to our after school outreach program  to impress the kids. The kids were not impressed. That made me sad. I remember, very fondly, the days when I would watch a Polaroid image reverse-fade into life.

Having dug it out of the closet and loaded up with film that is 3 years old, I decided to shoot the rest of the pack. My mom came to visit this past weekend. I took her and my stepdad to The Grotto in Portland. Here was our day.




grateful for the alignment tool in Lightroom.



Seriously. I am incapable of taking a straight picture.

This might be the first real outing I’ve had with this camera since I got it more than 3 years ago! I’ve had the film that long and it’s held up pretty good.

Lomo’ Instant fun


I’d been dying for an Instax Mini for a very long time. I completely dig the business card size of the prints. I started really shopping around last summer and kind of decided on the Instax Mini 90 Neo but kept getting hung up on the price. Someone directed me to the Lomo’ Instant Kickstarter. I hated the thought of contributing to a Lomography Kickstarter project. I had mixed feelings about the Kickstarter they did for the Petzval lens. But in the end my wallet won out because the cost of one of these cameras during the Kickstarter was quite reasonably priced. I kind of hate that I was played in this way but what are you going to do.

Red Shoes And Candy Cigarettes