The Day of Rainbows

Travel and Other Adventures

Yesterday on our drive home from the beach we saw a number of rainbows! Here are 4 of them that I happened to snap with my iPhone.

At the Astoria Column

half of one we drove underneath in Longview, WA

The other side

It’s a double rainbow, man!

A beautiful end to a fun weekend.

One second every day in 2013


Here it is. One year in the making. My year in one second a day.

I really enjoyed doing this and will continue in 2014!

I had some questions about how I did this.

I was originally inspired by Cesar Kuriyama’s project. He created a Kickstarter for an app that he made for this which I bought but never really liked using. His app is called 1 second everyday and I might try it again for 2014. When I first downloaded it I felt like it was too buggy and I had a nice workflow going that worked for me.

I used my iPhone for this entire project. I simply videoed something for a few seconds everyday. It was kind of a gamble because sometimes more exciting things would happen later or I would forget to video the more exciting things earlier in the day so I would have to do something else. But really it was as simple as that. Of course there were days that I forgot to video something. On those days I substituted a photo that I took. I take at least one photo a day on my iPhone so that was an easy fix for missing my video of the day.

Until it got too unruly for my phone. Too many videos.

So I used iMovie on my phone to create monthly videos. Every few days I would edit down clips to 1 second in iMovie and import them. At the end of the month I saved the file to my photos and then save it on my computer which I would then import into iMovie on my iMac.  My iMac had a movie project for this and I would simply add my monthly movie to the project. It didn’t take that much time at all because all of the editing was done as I went along.

I hope this process makes sense. If  you have any questions about it let me know!

Drum Circles, and other random thoughts

My last Instagram photo. :cue taps:

My last Instagram photo. :cue taps:

Last night I went to a solstice celebration.  We arranged ourselves in a circle and one by one we walked up to an altar and lit a  candle. Then we took a percussion instrument from a basket and went back to our seat where we joined the drumming started by Susie, the officiator. The room progressively got lighter and lighter as each candle was lit. It also got louder and louder as each person began drumming. It was amazing and so fun. As we were drumming I thought about what I wanted for the coming year. What are the desires of my heart? Photography instantly popped up, as it usually does. I also want to delve deeper into the Dharma. I also thought about how I want to experience more love and light. I feel like the world needs more of it lately. These are the things I thought about as I was clacking my two sticks together. It felt good. It felt good to get in touch with that part of myself that can keep a beat. It is primal. You don’t think. You just do.

Instagram. I decided to quit Instagram, like many others. You probably already know what happened. They made it clear in their TOS that they would use our photos in advertisements. Facebook currently does this and I hate it. It is sleazy. Frankly, I am fed up with it. I put up with Facebook because everyone I know is on it and I actually use it to communicate with people. But Instagram? No. I don’t care if the photos I have over there are crap, it still doesn’t change the fact that this practice is sleazy. Because of the backlash, Instagram changed their mind and I guess the new story now is that they are not going to use our photos? I guess? I don’t know and I don’t care because I am not going back. The fact is that I have been wanting to scale back a bit anyway. I use Flickr and I pay for the service so I will use it for all of my photo hosting needs. Plus, they have a fantastic new iPhone app (how excellent is their timing?!?).

I am also thinking about starting up my daily photography blog again. Maybe do a daily Hipstamatic post or something? I love playing around with iPhone photo apps and this seems like a good place to post these photos. I have a nerdy plan for this that is mind-blowing. Have you heard of IFTTT? It is the best website ever. I created a recipe that will post a new photo post when I upoad and tag a Flickr photo. I used it for yesterday’s Wayback Wednesday post. I am going to use this to post images to my photoblog from Flickr so that I only have to upload to one service. I am in nerd heaven right now.