Mt Jefferson, framed.



I haven’t been feeling well this past week. I have a cold. So I wanted to do something kind of mellow today, yet still get outside. We decided to go to Timberline Lodge and hike the short, 1 mile hike to the Buried Forest Overlook. Unfortunately, we missed the turnoff to it and our walk ended up much longer. To add insult to injury, we had to hike up a sandy hill to get back to Timberline Lodge.

It was an interesting hike, geologically and I got some shots with my Yashica Mat. Here is one that I took, recreated with my iPhone.

Deschutes River



Raf and I visited Bend, Oregon this week. I got to go to the Oregon Library Association conference and Raf got to check out the area hiking. The conference was actually very good. I learned lots and got a much needed professional shot in the arm. I didn’t get to see much of the area but I did check out a few places. Wednesday night we had dinner at the Deschutes Brewery and I had a Black Butte Porter (my favorite). Being a children’s librarian, I get to go to the best workshops. I made a ring in one of them (among other things). A pink sharpie also exploded all over my hand in that same workshop so I got to walk around the conference among my professional colleagues looking like I murdered a clown. So that was fun. Afterward, I had time to wander around downtown and we spied this shoe in a shop that Raf hilariously nicknamed “The Nutbuster.” And finally, while following his intuitive voice, Raf procured this very cool mini spinning wheel for me at a thrift store. I love it!

Here is a shot of the Deschutes River from the hotel that the conference was at.