Dispatches from a shy street photographer: Man without a face


I spent a few short hours in Dublin and didn’t take many photos, and the ones that I did take didn’t come out very well, technically (the roll had some development issues). However, it’s such an interesting place and there is so much going on. I am looking forward to returning and spending more time shooting the streets.


Geeky Bits:

Camera: Olympus XA
Film: Kodak Tri-x
Stand developed for 1 hour in Adonal.

Bective Abbey through a pinhole


Bective Abbey is the last virtual stop of my pinhole tour through Ireland. Like the other ruins we visited, it was awesome. In the truest definition of the word. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We don’t have this here. We have nothing that can remotely compare to this. So being able to climb around on these historical artifacts is a huge treat for me.

I am not sure if I am alone in this, but I think if I lived in a place with such a vivid history, staring me in the face constantly in the form of ruins, I would be quietly freaking out inside all of the time. When I visit places like this it’s really hard for me to not think about what was here before and all of the stories. It’s truly amazing. We spent a good hour  wandering around the grounds here shooting photos. Our hosts gave us a history of the place as we drove up but it didn’t really sink in until I came home from the trip and started thinking about my blog posts about these places. This particular place, according to Wikipedia, was founded in 1147. Let that sink in for a moment. 11 fucking 47. We were climbing on ruins that were almost a thousand years old. It stopped being used in the 15oos. It was 500 years old when they stopped using this place. Is there even a building that is 500 years old in the whole United States?* (see how easy it is for me to freak the fuck out about stuff like this?!?)

Here are some pinhole photos:

I can’t be sure but I think this might be a ghost? Because I have no idea what could be going on here. I took an iphone photo while this was exposing. You can see it here.
The Ghost of Bective Abbey

I made friends with some cows.

The Cows of Bective Abbey

And here is a tree that I enjoyed staring at for a few moments while I took this photo.

A Tree in Ireland

So yes, Bective Abbey! Go visit if you are in Ireland. Here is a blog post Brendan wrote on Pinhole Obscura with more info and more pinhole photos!

And here is an interesting blog I just now ran across of things found on the site.

*Wikipedia tells me that, indeed, there are a few! I perhaps will need to visit them!

The Jealous Man And Woman, pinholed. (Ireland)


Next up on my pinhole tour through Barcelona and Ireland, is this very curious grave called “The Jealous Man And Woman.” It is located across the river from the Priory of St. John The Baptist.   The figures of a man and a woman are laying side by side and a sword separates them. I found myself completely fascinated by this tomb.With a name like that, there had to be an amazing story. However, it remains a mystery as to why this tomb is called this.

This is the tomb of lord and lady:  Sir Lucas Dillion and Lady Jane Bathe.There is some speculation that it was a response to his second wife being buried next to her first husband, and so he decided to be buried next to his first wife? Or something?

The weirdest thing about this place is that it is known to have curative powers over warts!  Apparently if you prick your wart with a pin and place it  in the rainwater on the tomb it heals your affliction.

This whole area was magical so very cool. I really enjoyed wandering around the graveyard. In a future post I will share some photos of old headstones taken with my Olympus XA.

Here are some iPhone snaps of the tomb, so you can get a different (maybe better) view:

The Jealous Man And Woman

The Jealous Man and Woman

the pinhole photo above was shot with my Terrapin Bijou on the Incher configuration and Ektar 100 film.

a Pinhole view of the Priory of St. John The Baptist (Ireland)


On our weekend visit to Dublin, our hosts took us to the Irish countryside to visit some old ruins. One of them was the site of the Priory of St. John The Baptist.

We were able to climb around all over the place, including up some winding stairs. In the stairwells there were very narrow windows and I thought they might make an interesting frame for a pinhole photo.

This (and the other places we visited) were amazing to me, having never been around such old ruins before. I was impressed by how much of the structure is still standing, and that we could still (fairly) safely walk up the stairs!   The place was built in the 13th century!
Priory of St John the Baptist

I have some pinhole photos from the other places, and will post them later. Stay tuned!


Geeky Bits

Camera: Terrapin Bijou, Incher configuration (25.4mm)
Aperture: f/132
Exposure time:
top photo: 30 seconds
Bottom photo: 5 seconds

Malahide Castle through a #pinhole

Life, Photography

Scene: four people on a train headed to Howth (Dublin),  chit-chitchatting

Lorraine: Did we get on the wrong train? I think we just passed Howth.

Brendan: Damn, yes it looks like we got on the wrong train. Well we can just go to Malahide Castle instead.

Turns to Monica and Rafael, Disappointed. Is this OK?

Me: Um. We are going to a freakin’ castle. I’ve never been to a castle before. I think it’s OK.

End scene.

OK, the conversation probably didn’t go down exactly like that. But still. Ireland is crawling with castles. It was awesome to see a few of them, including this one.

Here is a pinhole photo of Malahide Castle. You can read more about its complicated history it over on Pinhole Obscura, if you would like to learn more.

Geeky Bits

Camera: Terrapin Bijou
Film: Ektar 100
Exposure Time: probably around 5 seconds.

100 days project

And with this post I have reached the end of my 2016 100 days  project! It has been a fun ride, as always. I am looking forward to bit of a blogging break to focus on other, non computery things. Like training for a half marathon! I plan to check in here a couple times a week. as per my usual blogging schedule. Maybe I will even blog about how my running is going. 🙂