Friday Random Ten

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Oh dear. It appears I might have lost my blogging mojo. Well, these are always sort of fun. Perhaps it will get me back into the game. Firing up the iPod…

1. Bathwater. No Doubt.
Oh yay! Love this song!

2. So Much For The Afterglow. Everclear.
Another good song I haven’t heard in forever.

This video is rather hilariously odd.

3. Since I’ve Been Loving You. Led Zeppelin
Fuck Yeah, Led Zeppelin!!!!

4. Fat Lip. Sum 41.
OK. Call me a dork, but I love this song. When I hear the opening guitar riff I smile.

5. From Way Up Here. Pete Seeger.
I have no idea why I have this on my iPod. But whatever. It’s cool. It’s Pete Seeger. Of course it’s fucking cool.

6. I Won’t Back Down. Johnny Cash.
Fuck Yeah, Johnny Cash!

7. Skeletons. Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
God I love these guys.

8. Blue Shoes. Margo May.
I have no idea what this song is. I have never heard it before. I think there are gnomes loading up my iPod when I’m not looking.

9. Train In Vain. Clash
Fuck Yeah, Clash!

10. Deathly. Aimee Mann.
The songs from the Magnolia Soundtrack make me feel very sad.

On that note, I am going to bed. Good night, kids!

Friday Random 10

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iPod? Check. Coffee? Check. O.k. Hitting random in 3…2…1….

1. I don’t believe you. The Thermals. Fuck yeah! Today’s FR10 is starting out very well. One of my favorite songs from my favorite album of this past year.

2. Failure. Unearth. goodness. that woke me up. why is this on my iPod?

3. Hitchin’ a Ride. Green Day. I like this song. I like this album.

4. Heart of Glass. Blondie. This song reminds me of bubble gum for some reason. It reminds me of buying Bubble Yum and Star Wars Cards. I do love this song, though. Yes. Very much so.

5. Beastie Boys. Pass the Mic. This is one of favorite B Boys songs.

6. Wild Thing. Jimi Hendrix. oooh! And this is the recording from the Monterey Pop Festival, the one where he sets his guitar on fire. Epic. I love this song so much. And Jimi, too. Here, watch this video. Your life will be complete if you do. (the looks on the faces of the audience are fucking priceless.)

7. Waltzing Back. Cranberries. I’m still thinking about Jimi’s sacrificial guitar so have nothing witty to say about this song.

8. C’mon C’mon. Von Bondies. This song reminds me of living in Santa Cruz. I think it’s been that long since I’ve heard it. I can’t embed the video so can watch it here. (mini rant: YOU ARE SHOOTING YOURSELVES IN THE FOOT, RECORDING ARTISTS, BY DOING THAT. Do you NOT want people to listen to your music?!)

9. Country Trash. Johnny Cash. yay! always love listening to The Man In Black.

10. Goodbye. Mudvayne. What an appropriate way to end this edition of FR10.

FR10 – last day at work edition

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Count Basie

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So sad! My last day at work. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

you know how it works. put your mp3 player on random and let her go. Post the first 10 songs that play.

  1. 1 o’clock jump. Count Basie. Swing Back with Count Basie.
    Good way to start this off. Count Basie always makes me smile. Love that trumpet!
  2. I want to be the man to warm your mother’s heart. White Stripes. Elephant.
  3. Hostias. Berlin Radio Symphony.Mozart’s Requiem.
  4. Wrong Side. French Kicks. One Time Bells.
  5. Why cant he be you? Patsy Cline. Patsy Cline Story.
  6. Cleanin out my closet. Eminem. The Eminem Show.
  7. Eight Miles High. The Byrds. 20 essential tracks from the Byrds.
  8. Don’t Fear the Reaper. Blue Oyster Cult. Agents of Fortune.
    Okay. This puts a smile on my face. I can’t listen to this without thinking about that SnL skit in which Will Farell is the cowbell player for Blue Oyster Cult and they are laying down the track for this song. They really do have a cowbell playing in the background of this song. “You know what this song needs? More cowbell.” Gotta love it ๐Ÿ˜†
  9. Bush as Dictator. The department of Homboy Security. The presidential remix.
    I can’t even remember where I got this song. It’s about 45 seconds long and it is just bush saying that infamous quote, “”If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier – just so long I’m the dictator.” (you can see the video of him saying it here) It’s just DJified. I don’t know what it is about people putting Bushisms to music but I kind of find it amusing.
  10. Lies. Violent Femmes. Add it Up.
    Oh. my. god. How apt is it that this song comes up directly after the previous one?

Alright. I have to bitch about something here. And this is totally unrelated to my friday random 10. Well, except that it falls in line with it being my last day at work.

I just got my last paycheck, and they included the cash amount of my vacation leave in with it. I had about 125 hours of vacation leave saved up that I didn’t take, so I had quite a bit of extra money coming to me. Like I said, I got my check and they took out a LOT of money out for taxes. Basically, they took out the amount of money I take home in a paycheck! It kind of pisses me off because I was planning on living on this money until I get my first paycheck from my new job. I knew that they were going to take out a lot of money for taxes but this is way more than I thought it would be. Kind of puts a dark cloud over my day…Can I blame Bush’s tax cuts for the rich on this? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is it friday already? (Friday Random 10)

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It’s friday again. Here’s my random ten for today:

  1. First Date. Blink 182
    Take off Your Pants and Jacket
  2. Square Dance. Eminem.
    The Eminem Show
  3. All Your Fascists Bound to Lose. Woodie Guthrie.
    The Ballad Operas: The Martins & The Coys
  4. King Porter Stomp.Glenn Miller.
    Moonlight Serenade (RCA)
  5. Keep on the Sunny Side. The Whites.
    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Good lord. The name of this band is “the whites?!?” that is probably the most redneck thing I’ve ever heard of. I like this soundtrack, though. And the film is excellent.
  6. Desperado. Johnny Cash.
    American IV: The Man Comes Around
  7. Wrapping Paper. Cream.
    The Very Best of Cream
  8. 1963. New Order.
    The Best of New Order
  9. Wind Serenade No. 12 in C Minor. Mozart.
    Mozart for Meditation
  10. Take A Chance on Me. ABBA.
    Billboard Top Hits: 1978

    oh my god. What a way to end this list!

I figured out how to get around audiobooks. In iTunes, I created a smart playlist called “friday random 10.” Then I went into the parameters and eliminated anything where the genre is “spoken word” or “audiobook” or whathaveyou. I love smart playlists :).

happy friday!