the one where I update you on some happenings.


The sun has actually come out in the PNW. Can you believe it? This photo was taken last weekend when Raf and I decided to go for a walk at Powell Butte in Portland.  What a great place! And right in Portland. Another reason why I love living here. When you hike to the top of the butte you get views of Mt. Hood (of course) but on a clear day you can also see St. Helens and, I think Jefferson, too. Sadly, there were too many clouds on the horizon so we didn’t get a view of St. Helens. However, I did get to see it while driving around on Wednesday which was the clearest day I’ve ever experience since I moved here. I was so stoked!

I’ve been distracted by the internet. My latest little obsession is You take a picture of yourself everyday and the site puts together a kind of digital flipbook of all of your photos so you can see how you change through time. The site is inspired by JK Keller’s Daily Photo project which I have always found fascinating. So I thought, what the hell. I’ll do it. You can see my mugshow in the sidebar or on Daily Mugshot.  Kind of a weird, silly thing, but fun at the same time.

I’ve been thinking for some time that I should update you all on my Kombucha Tea adventures.  Unfortunately we had to give it up. A few months ago I rushed Raf to urgent care because we thought he had appendicitis. It turned out to be an ulcer. We ended up cutting out acidic foods and drinks from his diet and the tea was the first to go. Kombucha tea is hella acidic so if you have stomach problems it probably isn’t the best thing to drink. I have read that it could be an ulcer treatment but the doc said nothing acidic so I don’t want to take any chances. I still love it and I have no problem drinking it. But we had to give up on making it. I’ll buy it if I want it.

I sold my first item on Etsy! This made me very happy.  Somebody bought my Chiengora hat. I’m glad there’s a market for Chiengora because I have a box full of dog fur and plan to spin it all up.

I started journal writing again. I hadn’t written in ages. I have this old Moleskine journal that I would update with an entry about how much I was unhappy with this or that. And then I would forget about it and find it and make a new entry. So the first part of the journal has entries that are sometimes years apart. It’s kind of interesting to see where I was several years ago and see where I am today. I’ve really enjoyed my daily writing practice. I’m finding that it is helping me through the grieving process. It’s also helping me learn a lot about myself. There is only so much, “I hate my life” that you can write about before you start reflecting on why you are unhappy. So that’s good.

Have a great weekend!

Making Kombucha Tea

jelly jars full of Tea

Jelly jars full of tea

I forgot to take pictures when I checked on my first batch of Kombucha Tea. I’ve already gone through the first batch and it was really delicious. I took out the mushroom and put it in a jar for safekeeping overnight while I washed the big glass jar in the dishwasher.

The Mushroom

Our SCOBY had grown a “baby” so we peeled it off and threw it away. If we had a compost we would have composted it. We put the fermented tea in glass jelly jars, as you can see above. When the jar was washed we put in our newly steeped tea and the SCOBY to ferment for the next batch that will be done in about 10 days.

The tea is great! It’s nice and sweet and has little bit of oomph to it. Ours has a bit of a blueberry taste because of the blueberry tea I’ve been using. I’m looking forward to trying other herbal tea flavors to see how they affect the flavor of the finished product.

I recommend buying it at a health food store to try it out first before you decide to make it at home. It is definitely an acquired taste. And, honestly, the SCOBY looks and feels kind of icky so if you have an aversion to slimy things you won’t like making the tea. And if you do decide to make it yourself it is an ongoing process. But the great thing is that you will have an endless supply of Kombucha tea.