Flickr Time Machine


val and dad

This one is from August 9 2009. I was still living in Spokane. I went for a walk around Tubbs Hill in Coeur ‘Alene with my dad and step mom. I think I’d applied for the job I currently have but hadn’t yet been asked to interview. I remember talking to my dad and step-mom about my current read: The Hunger Games.

It is weird to think back on this time. I was on the cusp of huge change and exciting, and tragic, things were on the horizon.

Photography Friday


I completely forgot about posting my Photography Friday post! Actually, I kind of spaced blog posting all week. This week has been absolutely insane. We are getting ready for the Summer Reading Program so I have been very busy. I was lucky to have the day off yesterday in exchange for Memorial day (long story) so Raf and I went for a walk around Tubbs Hill in Coeur d’Alene. It was really nice.