Foggy steps to the top.


I scanned my Larch Mountain fog shots last night and I am happy with them! Here is the film version of the “steps” photo. You might recall that I posted the iPhone version here. I think the film version has a lot more depth. But, of course I have to say that because more time, effort, and money was spent making the film version and if the iPhone version is better part of my soul would die.



I took my Yashica and some Tri-x up to Larch Mountain today to capture the fog.

I totally forgot about Wayback Wednesday. Sigh. And I could have embarrassed my little brother today. His birthday was on Monday and he turned 30. I have all sorts of photos of him from way back. Oh well. There is always tomorrow..

Instead, I offer another Hipstamatic photo I took with my iPhone on Monday up at Larch Mountain. Again, I took this exact shot with my Yashica and Tri-x. It will be fun to compare. I am pretty sure the film version will be way better (at least I hope so).

Steps to the top



I have been wanting to go back up to Larch Mountain with my Yashica and Holga but have been impatient, waiting for a clear day. We decided, for something to do, just to go up there anyway, into the clouds. I thought it would be fun to shoot a roll of Tri-x on such a cloudy day. The photo above is a Hipstamatic shot of one that I did with my Yashica. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

There was no view to speak up at the top. We were up in the clouds and all we could see was nothing.  It was kind of awesome, and a little frightening. It was like looking into the void. I tried to capture it with my camera. I hope I was able to convey the feeling I felt when I saw it. I will find out when I develop the film.