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Yesterday I asked Twitter and Facebook for a tagline. I was trying to come up with something for my photography website that would go with this logo thingy I made.  I forgot to mention that little detail though. But I got the most awesome tag lines ever from my very creative friends.  They all sounded like something from an action flick. So I made a movie trailer.


Teach Me Something That is Deep In Your Bones

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How to read stories to a group of children.

First of all, DO NOT be afraid of them. They can detect fear like nobody’s business and if you are afraid then they will either be afraid also, or they will use that fear against you to manipulate you. Leave all fear at the door. Instead, think about what it was like to be a child.  Didn’t you just not care at all about what others thought? Wasn’t it silly and fun? That is how you approach a roomful of preschool children.

Remember that, in the kid’s eyes, you are a rock star. This will boost your ego and, thus, help relieve some of the fear.

Don’t even dare think about the parents. Pretend they are not there.

OK. So now that we have the right frame of mind everything is cake. Now you can have fun. Fun is very important. If you are having fun they will have fun, too. Why is this element important? Because we are teaching kids literacy skills when we read to them. But if you tell them this the whole facade comes crumbling down. We are offering literacy skills dipped in chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. And we are offering them with song and dance. FUN. Always have fun.

It is important to come prepared. Always read the book beforehand. If not you will find yourself in the middle of a terrible, horrifying story and you will be embarrassed and parents will hate you and there goes the “fun” facade. Always be prepared.

Read stories that you enjoy. If you don’t like the story the kids won’t like the story.

Read the story in a way that is engaging. Get the kids involved in the story. Have them help you tell them the story. Use silly voices. Use sound effects.

The most important advice, though, is to be present. Don’t be off, in your mind, somewhere else. Be right there with the kids, having fun and enjoying the moment. They are the most important thing at that moment. Treat them like that. Treat them with all of the respect in the world.

What’s going on

Twilight Saga

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Scientists have found that cats use their purrs to manipulate humans.

I found this response to the Twilight series from the Quileute tribe very interesting. I am not a student of Native American history or culture but I kind of wondered about the accuracy of Meyer’s depiction of the tribe’s stories. Actually, it has really kind of bothered me. From what I’ve heard, she really didn’t even try very hard to be accurate. Which is a shame.

The headline says it all: Gruesome Knitting Impalement Uncovers Lethal Threat.

Yeah, librarians are naughty. Whatev. I said this on my twitter stream and I’ll say it now. I really didn’t need the image of middle-aged librarians having conference sex seared into my consciousness, thankyouverymuch.

In researching the internet on how to use my old camera, I found this fascinating website. This person’s project is to find old cameras and film and then develop the film. The are some fantastic old pictures in the galleries. Great stories there, I’m sure.

Librarians are hip

Federal Depository Library Program logo

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I got a kick out of this article in the New York Times. Especially this paragraph:

When talk turned to a dance party the group had recently given at a nearby restaurant, their profession became clearer.

“Did you try the special drinks?” Sarah Gentile, 29, asked Jennifer Yao, 31, referring to the colorfully named cocktails.

“I got the Joy of Sex,” Ms. Yao replied. “I thought for sure it was French Women Don’t Get Fat.”

Ms. Yao could be forgiven for being confused: the drink was numbered and the guests had to guess the name. “613.96 C,” said Ms. Yao, cryptically, then apologized: “Sorry if I talk in Dewey.”

That would be the Dewey Decimal System. The groups’ members were librarians. Or, in some cases, guybrarians.

What a fantastic party game! Guessing the name of a drink by the Dewey number!

Oh, and this is just awesome:

. . .Jeff Buckley, a reference librarian at a law firm, who had a

tattoo of the logo from the Federal Depository Library Program peeking out of his black T-shirt sleeve.

Dude. I wish I had thought of that.

Actually, librarians have been hip for years. The world is just now catching on? I know quite a few hip librarians who have been in this business for over 25 years. Partied with a few of em, too. You want a good party? Librarian conference, baby.

There is a new documentary coming out about librarians!

The Hollywood Librarian: Librarians in Cinema and Society, now in production, will be the first full-length film to focus on the work and lives of librarians in the entertaining and appealing context of American movies.

Fascinating! I can’t wait to see it!

Read all about it here:

The Hollywood Librarian