A return to my childhood


A couple of weeks ago I was on a mission. I will talk about this mission in another post, but this mission involved visiting all of the thrift and antique stores in Sandy to find this thing I was looking for. I didn’t find what I was looking for in the thrift stores but I found a lot of other great things. I found lots and lots of old cameras. I resisted temptation for most of it but this one I had to buy. To my credit, I waited an entire day to let it simmer before I went back to the Goodwill to buy this old camera. It is a Keystone Pocketflash 106 and I picked it up for $2.99. I decided I needed it because several months ago I accidentally bought 110 film from Lomography. I thought it might be fun to use it. I bought a film called Lobster Redscale.

I can’t express how giddy it makes me to hold this camera in my hands. I had one very similar to this when I was a kid, it was the camera I cut my teeth on. I took photos of everything with it! It was a blast to play around with this. It even has a flash! I am a happy girl.

The photos are terrible quality, as they always have been with these types of cameras but, still. There are a few from the roll that are passable. These I took at Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon.

Cathedral Park

St. John’s Bridge

Cathedral Park

Photographer Under the St. John’s Bridge

Cathedral Park

Journey into the red trees

One of the things that I find endearing about these cameras is that the viewfinder is significantly to the left of the lens and the photo reflects this. All of the photos I took of my family from the Seventies have this quality and it makes me laugh when I see it.

Fun with a cardboard camera


untitled (3 of 6).jpg

Over the weekend I was doing some spring cleaning. It was with great delight that I found this. If you didn’t click that link, what you missed was a photo of a pinhole camera kit. My husband bought it for me 3 or 4 years ago. I remember looking through the instructions at the time and being completely overwhelmed by them and so it was shoved into the closet. But I found it! And I am no longer as overwhelmed.

I assembled the camera yesterday and took it out for a spin. I decided I wanted to take it up into the forest, to the Salmon River to get some blurry water shots. However, it was raining very hard. Heavy rain and cardboard are not a good combo. Also, I wound the film the wrong way the entire time I thought I was shooting. So, essentially, I wasn’t winding the film at all. I was just exposing over and over on the same spot. I got ┬áhome and realized this after I opened the camera, exposing everything. I was frustrated and tossed the whole roll out of frustration (I now realize I probably could have salvaged it somewhat. oh well.)

Attempt number 2 took me to my apartment’s parking lot and then down to the park where I witnessed our chief of police on a foot chase with a local criminal. She chased him into the woods and then caught and arrested him and I continued on my merry way. I wasn’t afraid because I had my weapon of choice: my tripod.

I am looking forward to playing with this more! I can see the creative potential here. I am signed up for a pinhole photography class in June at Newspace. The teacher does some amazing work and I am looking forward to learning from him.