Travel and Other Adventures

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Raf and I went to one of our favorite places, Oceanside, WA last month. The Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State is a really funky place. I’ve been visiting it in the Summers for almost as long as I can remember. It is a collection of communities on the thinnest sliver of land on the Washington coast. I was kind of tripping out on how thin this sliver of land is when we were there. I imagine the water table is very close to the surface there.

One of the communities on this sliver is Oysterville. Can you guess what they are known for? That’s right. Oyster farming. It is a very old community. In fact, I think it is one of the oldest in Washington. We finally went on the self guided walking tour and had a look at some of the fabulous old houses.

poor guy
This one kind of broke my heart a little bit. The sign reads:

Built for his bride-to-be who died before the wedding. Faithful to the end, Ned lived a bachelor till the end in this house.

And it is written by the “Daughters of the Pioneers.”


My little walking tour brochure said that Old Ned was jilted by his bride to be and she married someone else. So he lived in this pretty yellow house till he died. I wonder what the real story is? And I also have a feeling the story behind the two differing stories might be interesting as well.

Pelicans in the fog


I took these on our vacation last week. The fog was REALLY thick on the beach one day. I couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of me (which is scary because they let cars drive on the beach here). There were a bunch of pelicans hanging out and it was an amazing sight to see them flying out of the fog, like they were coming out of nowhere.

Photograhy Friday: The Cows Come Home


the cows come home
We just got back from a little trip to the Coast. We went to the Long Beach Peninsula in the corner of Washington State. This was taken on a drive up to Leadbetter Point. We have seen this house before but the cows next to it were just too good to resist. I had to snap this from the car since there was nowhere to park and get out.