April is National Poetry Month



Since it is April and I love Poetry, I thought I would share more of it on my blog this month.

I am having a blast with Magnetic Poetry lately. It has been a fabulous way to unwind after work. I totally and completely give myself permission to write bad poetry. There is something very freeing when you don’t give a fuck. So I’m not sharing these because I necessarily think they are great. I’m sharing them because they are fun to compose.

magnetic poetry


For several years we had a Magnetic Poetry set on our refrigerator door. It was fun to throw together a poem from time to time, and it was fun to see what Raf would surprise me with. We threw the set away when we moved away from Santa Cruz and never thought to buy a new one.  Until the other day, that is. They had them at Powells so I thought I would buy one for myself and indulge my inner poet.