Lazy Afternoon

Every once in awhile I will look at one of my photos and I will say to myself, “Monica, you’ve made a pretty good photo there.” I can probably count on one hand the photos I feel really and truly good about. This is one of those photos. I really like it alot. It helped […]

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Pinholing myself and others

I am drawn toward pinhole photographing people, myself included. I am fascinated with what might happen on film when movement is blurred for longer periods of time. Maybe a person will show up on the film. Maybe they won’t. If they do show up, how will it happen? In the photo above I used my […]

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Rafael and the trees

I’ve been spending time this weekend scanning negatives of photos from recent hikes. This was taken on my hike to Ramona Falls. I love how it really emphasizes how tall the trees are. This was taken with my Yashica Mat 124g and Portra 160 film.

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