Throwback Thursday – 4 generations


As I mentioned, I am taking a Photoshop class and this week we learned about restoring old photos. It just so happened that my mom brought me a photo album that belonged to my grandmother that I, for some reason, had stored in my things at her house in Spokane. Many of the photos neither of us had seen before and this is one of them! And it’s such a great photo! Here we have me at around 7 years old, with my mom, great-grandmother in the middle, and grandmother on the right.

The original photo has a red cast to it and now I wonder why. Is it due to the fading of color in the print? It seems like a lot of old snapshots have a red cast to them. In the original photo below you will see that I have a gnarly gash on my chin. I was trying to remember how I hurt myself and then it hit me, this is when I took a serious spill on my bike. I wrote about it here.

4 generations before


Here is my “new and improved” Photoshopped version. I corrected the color, removed a ton of dust, and removed the scab on my chin.

4 generations after


I am kind of proud of the finished version, but in some way it makes me a little bit sad too. Like I’m rewriting history or something.

It’s interesting because I posted both of these on Flickr and I got more┬áresponse on the original version. One person even said that the original’s red cast appealed to them. I kind of feel like the original, red cast, scabbed chin, and all, tells more of a story. What are your thoughts?

A joyful occasion: finding love again after loss.


If you are a reader of this blog you will know that my family  lost my stepfather to cancer around 4 years ago. At first the grief was almost unbearable but as the years go by healing happens. Grief is still there but it becomes more of a dull ache. Every once in awhile the wound is poked and it hurts and you feel it and deal with it when it hurts but then the pain goes away again for awhile.

One of the hardest things about losing my stepfather, for me, was watching my mom in pain. My mom and I are really close and it was hard to see her suffer.

Not long after Doug died she made friends with her neighbour across the street. They had something in common: he also lost his wife to cancer and could relate to what she was going through. They got along very well, made each other laugh, and looked out for each other. Eventually they fell in love. Last weekend they were married in my mom’s backyard.

I am so incredibly happy for my mom, that she has found love again and she has found such a wonderful man. I really like Gervin a lot and can’t imagine a better person for my mom.

My mom asked me to take photos. Here are few from the day.


My mom and me, photo taken by my niece, Leslie.

My brother gave my mom away.

My brother gave my mom away.

Mom and Gervin with the minister.

Mom and Gervin with the minister.


“You may kiss the bride”


My family




My mom and Gervin.

Last year was so full of tragedy, but this year is the opposite. Full of joy and happiness.

Wayback Wednesday

my mom and me

My mom and me at 5

I was scrolling through my Flickr stream and noticed these two photos side by side. It is the first time I really compared photos of myself and my mom at the same age. I thought I would throw together a diptych of them for today’s Wayback Wednesday post.

We are both around 5 years old in our portraits.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise



When I saw this week’s photo challenge on the Daily Post, this image instantly popped into my head. It was taken on Christmas Eve 2006. I knitted that scarf for my mom and this is the moment she opened her present. I LOVE this picture. The looks on my mom’s and step-dad’s faces, this is the reason why knitters knit for other people. This is the best look in the world. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Busy day



My mom is visiting this weekend and I am having a great time! We fit a week’s amount of outings into today. Starting with mass. I can’t freaking believe I went to Mass. We also tried food cart food, visited the Portland Art Museum, Trillium Lake (pictured above), and Timberline Lodge.

I am exhausted. Good night.