What came from the stars
Anything is possible


Our library network is having a book spine poetry contest and one of the categories is haiku. I love a poetry challenge so I thought I’d try. It’s harder than it seems!


Nightclub, by Billy Collins. #nationalpoetrymonth

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Thursday night was the annual poetry slam at the library where I work. For filler, I read a few favorite poems to the audience. And before I read them I practiced reading them into my iPhone. And because I also need filler on my blog, I am posting one of them here today: Nightclub, by Billy Collins.

This is such a beautiful poem. I love the imagery. I feel like I am right there in the nightclub by the time I have finished reading the poem. You can find the full text of it here.

What is Poetry? By Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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I have been so busy with so many things the past few weeks and have failed to mention or celebrate that it is National Poetry Month! eek!

Please enjoy this Ferlinghetti poem I recorded 3 years ago with my colleague for our annual poetry slam. Her husband is playing the bongos! 😀

National Poetry Writing Month

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You might already know: I love poetry. April is one of my favorite months because of National Poetry Month and I like to celebrate it on my blog every April. It’s a tradition.

I like to write one poem a day. It doesn’t always happen but I try. Most of the time what comes out is crap and not fit to see the light of day. But I will write it, get it out of me and then revisit it in a few months. Sometimes there will be a nugget of something there to work with.

NaPoWriMo encourages us to write a poem everyday in April. I will be doing that! I won’t publish a poem here everyday in April but I will post one or two or three.  I think I will also read some of my favorites as well.

To kick things off here is a a recording of myself reading one of my favorites: Anne Sexton’s Music Swims Back To Me. I recorded it for National Poetry Month last year.