That so did not work for me


The “washing my face with honey” experiment is kaput. After two days of it my skin freaked. out. I think I might have had an allergic reaction, actually. Which is interesting and makes me wonder if I should even be EATING it.  I should know better by now. Claims made by people on the intertubes that are based on ancient myth (Cleopatra bathed in honey!) are not a reason to try something (duh). I, however, am a sucker for good narratives.

So that is that. In case you wanted to know.


Honey (Photo credit: quisnovus)

I washed my face with honey this morning.

Honey in honeycombs

Honey in honeycombs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yep. I did. I am always on the lookout for healthy, DIY beauty alternatives. I hadn’t heard of this type of use for honey until a couple of days ago when a friend on Facebook said she was using honey as a face wash. Apparently it has all sorts of beneficial properties. So why not. I’ll try it and report back on how it goes.

Incidentally, my first experience with it this morning was weird but good. It, obviously, was very sticky but my skin feels very soft and smooth today. The breakout I’ve been fighting all weekend seems to be clearing up. So, yay!

If you are interested in trying it, I am using this blog post at Crunchy Betty for directions.