On New Year Resolutions and brushing my teeth


So today is the day where I am supposed to look ahead and talk about the things I want for the upcoming year. And I am tempted to do this because I have a lot of things that I want to strive for. If I am not anything else, I am a serial striver. I like to have things (ok, let’s call them goals) to work toward.

But this morning I had a kind of epiphany. I was sitting here, feeling bad from the drinking and the sugar overdose from last night as I ate a piece of cake and piece of pizza for breakfast. As I noticed the layer of plaque on my teeth I started to beat myself up a little bit for not brushing my teeth before I went to bed. I thought about how much that one small act, brushing my teeth before going to bed, affects me and my self worth. It’s kind of weird actually, how one small thing can affect me in such a big way. Last weekend I woke up in the middle of the night and layed in bed, worried about a number of things (as one does). I realized, as I was laying there, that I hadn’t brushed my teeth the night before (I fell asleep on the couch and was too lazy and tired to take that extra step). I decided to get up and brush my teeth. When I went back to bed I immediately felt more relaxed and I fell back asleep pretty quickly. I am not sure what this was all about but I realize that this small thing really makes a big difference in my well being.

So what if, instead of having these huge lofty resolutions (lose 15 pounds, eat healthier, go to the gym, etc), what if my one resolution this year is to brush my teeth every night before I go to bed?

I then thought about my meditation practice and my “goal” of meditating everyday for 10 minutes. This is a resolution but in my mind I see it as “lofty.” But what if meditating everyday is not seen as lofty and is seen as a more mundane activity, like brushing my teeth? It seems like meditation should be as mundane as brushing my teeth. It should be that simple. Maybe this year I will look at it that way.

So anyway, this is what I am looking at as i go into the next year. I like Jim Grey‘s (from Down The Road) way of looking at the new year too and I am going to think about the three themes he is going to focus on.

Happy New Year, dear readers! Best wishes for 2016!

It only took me 7 days to screw up my New Years resolution

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Well, I’ve already gone and screwed up my new years resolutions about cutting sugar out my diet completely. I did pretty good for a week. Then on Mondayas you know, I was stressed out about those presentations. When I came back to work later There were goodies and I ate them. I needed the chocolate. And it all kind of went downhill this week from there. Everyday this week I’ve been eating candy and sugar. *sigh*.

The exercising has been going pretty good, though. The only day this week I didn’t excercise was this morning. I should have and I was totally planning on it when I got up. I even was looking forward to it! But I gave into that moment where a little voice in my head asked myself, “Why don’t you just NOT excercise this morning. Why don’t you knit instead?” (evil little voice) And I thought to myself, “hmm..knitting does sound all nice and warm and cozy. I think I will knit instead.” And I did. *sigh.*

I tried to keep a food journal this week but I couldn’t do it. I am so sick of the tedium of that. I can’t do it anymore. There has to be an easier way. I can’t stand doing the food journal thing. I even have a nice little program on my palm pilot that does everything for me. I just can’t stand entering all of the information every single freaking time I eat something or exercise.

Also, I haven’t started the hypnosis yet. I am waiting until payday, which is next week, to download the e-book from Audible.com. I’m kind of excited to try that.

So hopefully next week I will show a little bit more self-control. This week was just a stressful one.

Welcome, 2006

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Okay, as I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to post my goals for 2006 today.

  1. Stop using my credit cards. This was one of my goals last year and I failed miserably. I am going to give them all to my husband so that he can hide them from me. Then, if I really need to use them I will have to go groveling to him. This is the year I start on the path to paying off my credit cards.
  2. Running. Okay, every year on Jan 1st I join Weight Watchers. And three months later I stop. The problem so far has been that I spread myself too thin in the “healthy” department. I try to do too much. So this year I am going to focus only on the excercise part. I have always loved running so I will concentrate on being a kick-ass runner. I am going to train for the Bloomsday race in May, so I will have a goal to work toward. If I eat healthy in the process, fine. All the better. But I will focus on becoming a runner again.
  3. Stop watching television. This is something my husband is doing, so I guess that means I am too. At midnight this morning he disconnected the cable wire from the t.v. so I guess he is serious.
  4. Start reading more. This was one of my resolutions last year, too. I really do need to read more for my job. I have to know what the kids are reading these days. The former head of Youth Services at SPL (before she left a month after I started the job) told me that when she started out in the field she read 5 books a week. I don’t think I can do that. But I think I will try for at least 2 books a week. No television watching will certainly help with this goal.
  5. Re-learn to play piano. We just got a Yamaha keyboard for Christmas and I’ve been tinkering around on it the past week. Making music, regardless of how crappy it sounds, has made me very happy. So I want to re-learn how to play the piano.