Olympus Pen on the Oregon Coast


Sometime last Autumn I decided to dust of the Olympus Pen and play around with it again, having given it a rest for a couple of years. It took me three months to get through the roll. I’d kind of forgotten that I was dealing with half-frames.

I took it with me to Newport, Oregon over Christmas, among other places. Here are the results. I tried being mindful of the diptych idea but at some point lost track of what I was doing. I think I will need to be more organized next time. I love the creative potential with this camera!



Fences and sunglasses

Tickets to the Paratrooper

Roll 27 – Olympus XA and Cinestill


My latest on 52 rolls! Raf and I spent the weekend at the beach a couple of weeks ago and I took a lot of photos. There are tons more to share in future posts.

52 rolls

After seeing the wonderful results on 52 rolls, I wanted to try my hand at Cinestill too. I loaded it up in my new favorite camera: the Olympus XA, and headed to the beach for the weekend. Unfortunately, I am not immediately in love with the results I got with this film. There are a few that I liked (shown below), but generally I am feeling kind of “meh.” My negatives were quite scratched. And there was a bit too much grain for my liking.

The problem, I realized, is that I didn’t shoot this roll under the right lighting conditions. For my next roll I will follow the instructions and shoot using the correct lighting.

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