I dug out my old photo albums to see what treasures are in there and I found a few! I am pretty certain I took this photo. I remember this trip to Portland when I was a youngster and I specifically remember taking photos on this trip. It was one of our many trips to […]

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Throwback Thursday 

Something from the archives: This was found when I was cleaning out my desk over the weekend. it was taken in California by Rafael at Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the early 90’s. I must have been 25 in this photo? Somewhere around there.

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Wayback Wednesday

I haven’t done a Wayback Wednesday post in a while and I miss doing them So I will start again. Here is a photo of who we think is my Great Grandfather, Wilfred Boucher. I have been thinking a lot about him, especially since I visited his grave last year.  The man has a lot […]

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