Throwback Thursday – 4 generations

As I mentioned, I am taking a Photoshop class and this week we learned about restoring old photos. It just so happened that my mom brought me a photo album that belonged to my grandmother that I, for some reason, had stored in my things at her house in Spokane. Many of the photos neither of us had seen before and this is one of them! And it’s such a great photo! Here we have me at around 7 years old, with my mom, great-grandmother in the middle, and grandmother on the right.

The original photo has a red cast to it and now I wonder why. Is it due to the fading of color in the print? It seems like a lot of old snapshots have a red cast to them. In the original photo below you will see that I have a gnarly gash on my chin. I was trying to remember how I hurt myself and then it hit me, this is when I took a serious spill on my bike. I wrote about it here.

4 generations before

Here is my “new and improved” Photoshopped version. I corrected the color, removed a ton of dust, and removed the scab on my chin.

4 generations after

I am kind of proud of the finished version, but in some way it makes me a little bit sad too. Like I’m rewriting history or something.

It’s interesting because I posted both of these on Flickr and I got more response on the original version. One person even said that the original’s red cast appealed to them. I kind of feel like the original, red cast, scabbed chin, and all, tells more of a story. What are your thoughts?

Wayback Wednesday

Wilfred Boucher

I haven’t done a Wayback Wednesday post in a while and I miss doing them So I will start again. Here is a photo of who we think is my Great Grandfather, Wilfred Boucher. I have been thinking a lot about him, especially since I visited his grave last year.  The man has a lot of secrets. And I kind of want to find out what they are.

Wayback Wednesday


I haven’t done a Wayback Wednesday in ages. I left off with my great grandmother, Barbara Vakoc. Here she is again, second in from the right. She is standing with my great grandfather, Edward Schneberger. I am told that his brother is the other man in this photo and that this is his brother’s wedding. It’s possible that they could be modeling for Edward’s photography studio, too.

Again, I have always wondered about Barbara. In this photo she looks pissed off. I wonder what happened to make her have that look.

Happy birthday Doug

Today is my stepdad, Doug’s birthday. I’ve really been missing him a lot lately. I miss our conversations and I miss his funny stories.

Here is a photo of him and and mom around the time they first met. I love this photo of them. I love the smiles on both of their faces. The old guy photo-bombing in the background is pretty great too.

I was getting ready for work this morning and was putting the last touches of makeup on when this song played on my iTunes. I had to re-apply, needless to say.

Doug often speaks to me via music. I know that may sound weird to some of you reading this but it is as real to me as you are on the other side of that computer screen you are reading this on. The right song will come on at the right moment in a very obvious way and I know it is Doug. That is what happened this morning. It is really nice to know that he is there.