Today’s photoblog post revisits my One Pinhole A Day project. I brought my camera to work with me and pinholed the books piling up on the book truck as I weeded them. You can follow more of this project on my photography website’s blog. ——— Geeky Bits: Camera: Terrapin Bijou Film: Kodak Ektachrome Exposure time: […]

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Sick Day self portrait

I am confusing myself. I have two “one such and such a day” projects going on two different blogs and I kind of forgot which photography project I was posting on this one. I think I will post something from my One Pinhole A Day project. Here is a pinhole photo from the day after […]

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One Pinhole A Day – Day 23

I am finally getting some results back from my Pinhole A Day project and thought I’d share here. This is day 23 – a visit to the grocery store a few days before Thanksgiving. I plan to post most of these photos on my photography blog, so if you are interested in seeing more, follow […]

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One Pinhole A Day

I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to do many of the things that I love to do lately, pinhole photography being one of those things. I’ve been missing it. So I decided I needed a project. I decided that a “One Pinhole Photo A Day” project would be just the thing to get me back […]

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