Paris In Black And White

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When I visited Paris in September I decided to bring four rolls of Kodak Tri-x with me – one roll for each day. I am not sure what made me decide to bring black and white film of all things, but I am really glad I did.

I knew I was going to take my darkroom class eventually and in the back of my mind I decided that I wanted to develop this film myself. So I stuck it my desk drawer until this past March. It was a delight to develop this film after having visited several months ago. It was fun to relive the memories of being there! I’ve also been printing many of the prints which has also been fun. The last time I was in the darkroom the other person in there was also printing something from when he visited Paris. It was really cool to compare stories.

Evolution of a Print – Part 2


Evolution of A Print - Dodging
We packed a lot of learning into my class Monday night. After we were shown how to use contrast filters, and after we tried it, we were taught how to dodge and burn. I had the perfect image to try this on. I took this photo of a statue in the Louvre and since it was lighted from behind it was silhouetted.

I love how low-tech this process is. She simply used her hand to dodge. Or if you can’t use your hand you use one of the handy “tools” which is a small piece of cardboard duck-taped to a wire hanger. That is what I had to use because of where my statue is situated in the photo and because I put the negative in the carrier upside down.

A quick wave over of the statue and, voilà, more information is revealed. Magic.

Evolution of A Print - Dodging

It will be fun to use this more in the future and, hopefully perfect it. I don’t understand a lot of this at the moment, logically. I feel like I am feeling around in the dark (Actually, that is exactly what I am doing. No metaphor there at all). Hopefully it will feel more natural to me in the near future with practice.

Next week we are learning about photo manipulation. I am not sure, exactly, what that means but I can’t wait to find out!

Photography Friday – Green Leaves


untitled (2 of 10).jpg

This photo was taken in May, when I went on that Hunchback Trail hike. Here is another one I took that day. This was taken with my Pentax p30t and Ektar 100 film. I am not super thrilled with this camera and would love to find another 35mm film camera to play with. Any suggestions? I have always been a Pentax user but am interested in exploring new territory.

I am going to sign up for a Beginning Darkroom class in  November. I was going to sign up for  the class in October but am glad I didn’t since my weekends this month have turned out to be pretty busy. I am super excited! I feel like I am on the brink of exciting things.

black and white foliage


This was taken with my Pentax P30t with Ektar 100. I took it way back in May when I took this one. I thought I would play around with Lightroom a bit so I changed it to black and white. I don’t know how kosher that is when one uses a film known specifically for it’s saturation but whatev. Here is the original. What do you think? Black and white or color?

Fun with expired film


I have 4 rolls of very expired film in my old camera bag. By very expired I mean it is older than my marriage which will be 15 this June. I bought it at Costco years and years and years ago. It is 400 ASA, color. I finally bought batteries for my old Pentax P30 and decided to take it out for a spin with the 50mm lens that I have for it. I took most of these shots in Portland at Pittock Mansion last weekend. A couple of them I took this morning (the ones of the snowy trees). I love the faded, retro look.