My Grandfather’s Camera


I mentioned that I inherited several cameras last month from my Grandparent’s house. I’ve been having a blast playing with them!

There are a couple that I am especially happy about. One of them is my Grandpa Ed’s Honeywell Pentax.

When I got the camera it had film in it. I was very excited to discover this. Unfortunately I discovered this when I opened the back, exposing all of the lost cherished memories. I decided to finish off the roll anyway but I didn’t know how to use the camera and made really odd exposures so nothing turned out on the roll at all. I got to endure the ridicule of the Walgreens “Photo Expert.” So that was fun.

However, when I fall down I pick myself back up and try again. I loaded it up with cheap drugstore Fuji Film, and armed with knowledge gleaned from the operating manual, I was off and running!

I brought it to work and shot the entire roll on my walk home in the evening, finishing it off with a slightly-drunken evening stroll with the Mr. later on. Dropped it off at Walgreens and an hour later I had the results.
spring is an explosion of pink

The old car dealership

Inside the old car dealership

spring is an explosion of pink

omygoodness I am very happy. I think my grandfather’s camera and I will get along just fine.

Darkroom class – day two


sinking boat in Illwaco

Last night we made contact sheets and our first print. The photo above is what I came away with when all was said and done. I made 4 prints to get that. It was quite the process. I learned a lot though. My focus is terrible, for one. I am not sure if this is from the camera or from the enlarger. I was wearing my new glasses last night and getting used to them so it is probably user error on the enlarger. Also, I am not thrilled with the composition. It leads me to think that getting the composition right while taking the shot is very important. I am used to cropping digitally after the fact and so I can get a little sloppy while taking the photo.

For the contact sheets we used the traditional trays to develop the prints. This is what I remember from the first time I took a darkroom class in college many years ago. But for the prints we developed using a machine. It is this old machine from the 70s that works very much like a photo-booth, sans the picture-taking part of it. We fed the paper through and in 90 seconds it went through the whole development process, including drying the print. I actually liked it. There were others in the class who did not. They wanted the the experience of watching the print appear on the paper (and watching the clock).

So anyway. Fun times! We will be doing more printing next week using filters. I am going to go back this week on my own to develop more film and try my hand and printing some more. I think I will try printing some of my Yashica Mat negatives. The camera’s lens has a sharper focus than my Pentax lens so it might be easier for me to get the focus right on the enlarger.

Skateboarders on the steps of Musée d’Orsay

Bikes and Skateboarders at the Musee D'Orsay

Bikes and Skateboarders at the Musee D’Orsay

I got a roll of Paris film developed this week and, sigh. It made me relive my short trip this past September. The roll that was developed was taken on our last day there. We spent the day at both the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay and then we decided to walk the Champs-Élysées so we could we see the Arc de Triomphe. By the time we reached the place where this photo was taken we had been walking for hours and hours and were in so much pain. As we walked back to our hotel we rested here, in front of the Musee d’Orsay and watched a couple of guys skateboard. I think about this moment often, for some reason. I was so happy, the sun was setting, and I was sitting in front of this museum full of famous paintings that I saw earlier in the day. I drank it all in completely and totally. It was a bitter sweet moment because I knew I would be leaving the next day. And there, as we sat there, were these guys skateboarding. It all felt surreal.

This photo was made with my Pentax P30t and Tri-x film.

Spokane Flickr Reunion Tour 2012


I mentioned last week that I met up with some Spokane Flickr friends a couple of weekends ago in my home town. Fun times! We really need to get together more often. It is one thing to interact online but a whole other thing to interact in person. Way better.

Here are the photos I took with my Pentax K7. I will post the Holga shots next week (after they are developed).

Film Roll: Mt. Tabor and McMenamins Edgefield


I like the idea of featuring a roll of film, regardless of whether or not the film was shot on the same day. In this particular case the film was shot months apart. The first half at Mt. Tabor in January or February (I’ve already forgotten), and the second half this past Thursday evening at McMenamin’s Edgefield.

Mt. Tabor is in Portland and it’s a lovely neighboorhood. We have a book called The Portland Stairs Book and one of the walks winds through the many stairways of Mt. Tabor. I’ve posted about our adventures there before. I’ve never been able to get through the whole walk because there are so many fucking stairs and I’m a wimp when it comes to hills. But I did have fun taking photos there.


Reservoir 9

pretty view



Makeshift Altar

The second half of the roll, as I mentioned, was taken at McMenamin’s Edgefield. It is haunted, according to the book, Ghost Stories of Oregon. Even so, it’s really a wonderful place with a fascinating history that is worth checking out.

spooky hallway

Spooky hallway

Patio chairs

patio chairs