Still Creek

This has been quite the week. I think we can all use some stillness. I know I can. Camera: Reality So Subtle 6×6 Film: Ektar 100 Exposure time: 1 minute 31 seconds Developed by Pro Photo Supply Shot at Still Creek Campground on Mt Hood.

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The other day I was lamenting to my husband the death of one of my little pet projects, The Great Transatlantic Pinswap Project. It’s been more than a year since the last participant received the camera and no results. I finally reached the conclusion that the project was just dead and was ready to accept […]

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So subtle

My husband bought me a Reality So Subtle pinhole camera for our anniversary! We picked it up at Blue Moon Camera And Machine on our way to the coast the weekend of our anniversary and I was very lucky that Pinhole Master Zeb Andrews  was working that day. He sold us the camera and gave […]

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I learned on Friday that Newspace Center For Photography closed permanently. It was all of a sudden with no warning at all. I am still gutted whenever I think about it. It was a big part of my routine when I went to Portland. Drop my husband off at work. go to Newspace and print […]

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