The Boat

I mentioned that during my super productive weekend I developed some film from over the summer and even scanned it! Usually it takes me weeks and weeks to get to the scanning so I’m really stoked with myself for finding the initiative to do this so quickly. Here is one that I particularly liked. Taken […]

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Dishwasher film

Way back in 2014, when I first met my friend Inge in Amsterdam, she gave me a roll of dishwasher film, along with my beloved Olympus XA.  I brought the camera and film home with me, promptly loaded it up in the XA, and took it out with me on my first Pinhole Mayhem adventure. […]

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Angel’s Wing

This morning I woke up with laryngitis, so I’m still pretty much a mess. I am still home sick. I am sick of being sick. I hate not being able to talk. I don’t have any ideas for a blog post, and since I’m committed to 100 days of blogging for about 15 more days […]

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Beach Day

Getting around to editing some scans from this past Summer and I am really digging this one. You really can’t go wrong with pinhole on a busy beach. Camera: Zero 2000 Film: Ektar 100 Exposure time: 1 second

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