Holga GTLR Take 2 – Astoria

In my last photoblog I posted the blurry results from the first roll through my Holga GTLR. I thought for my next few posts I’d share more results from that camera. Happy to have figured out the error of my ways, I brought it with me on a weekend  trip to Astoria, Oregon.  I had a […]

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Wildwood In Panorama

This is part 2 of my playtime with my new-to-me Ansco Pix Panoramic camera. Read part one here. I took the camera with me on a walk at Wildwood Park on Mt Hood. Here are the shots. I really like how these came out, for the most part.

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Fifty-four years lighting up the sky. A quivering leap smashes a billion worlds. Hah! Entire body looks for nothing. Living, I plunge into Yellow Springs. -Dogen ——— geeky photo bits: This was taken with my Zero 45 pinhole camera using the 25mm configuration. I used Arista.edu 100. The poem is Dogen’s death poem. I read […]

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