On top of Mt. Tabor


This statue is on the summit of Mt. Tabor.

Fun day yesterday! We were craving food from our favorite Food Carts in Portland so we made the drive to the big city. I enjoyed something different, a turkey, cranberry, & arugula crepe. It was delicious but not as good as my favorite, Smoked Salmon and arugula. Afterward we took a walk to the top of Mt. Tabor where we found the statue, pictured above. When we  walked back down we found a playground with fantastic old-school playground equipment. One of them was a merry-go-round. So the mister and I took a spin. It was fun.

Spokane Flickr Reunion Tour 2012


I mentioned last week that I met up with some Spokane Flickr friends a couple of weekends ago in my home town. Fun times! We really need to get together more often. It is one thing to interact online but a whole other thing to interact in person. Way better.

Here are the photos I took with my Pentax K7. I will post the Holga shots next week (after they are developed).

I took a picture of a garbage can.


Had a great time knitting at Happy Knits today with Preita! I found out her latest sweater pattern, Outlaw, is getting really good traction on Ravelry. The last time we check it was the number 3 sweater pattern over there (and 9th most popular overall!)! I am so happy for her!

While we are hanging out she took photos of me modeling her latest design, Assassin’s Creed. It was very difficult for me to give her back the sweater. I fucking LOVE it and am so going to knit this myself!

I brought my Holga and new flash so look for some color Holga shots soon.

And, yes, this is a photo of a garbage can. Taken in Portland in the alley behind Happy Knits.

In Bloom


Alpine Aster

I am on vacation and plan to get outside as much as possible. Yesterday Raf and I went hiking, again, up on the Timberline Trail. This time we did not run into snow. Instead we ran into the most breathtaking wildflowers you will ever see.


Alpine Lupine

Seriously. absolutely breathtaking. The blooming lupines create a carpet of purple over the meadows.


Mt. Hood

The timberline area of Mt. Hood is easily one of the beautiful places I’ve ever been and one of my favorite places to be.

Photography Friday: Foxglove and Mt. Hood


Here is a photo I took last weekend up at Wildwood Park in Welches. The forest is bursting right now with color and it’s beautiful. I planted these flowers in the backyard of my home in Spokane and could barely keep them alive, due to hot and dry Summers there. They actually grow in the forest here. Like a weed. Actually they probably are kind of considered a weed since they aren’t native to the area. Our walk through Wildwood was absolutely lovely. Summer has finally arrived (July 4th, like clockwork!). The forest was quiet but for birds singing in the trees and the breeze blowing through branches. ahhhhh..

The day before we drove up to Government Camp to try the Crosstown Trail. I’ve been up there before but this time I noticed that the terrain reminded me a great deal of the trails around Spokane and it made a little homesick for them. It’s a little bit drier up there and Ponderosa Pine and bear grass dominate the landscape. The smell of pine trees always brings me instantly back to my childhood.