Pinholeday Film Swap with Jeff


I mentioned a few posts ago that one of the traditions that we have for our meetups on Pinholeday is to swap a roll of film with one of our friends for a film swap. This year I chose Jeff’s roll. I made my exposures, unwittingly, at the Chinese Garden when I was on a pinhole adventure with my friend Donna. I love how they came out though!

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Meditation 2

Tea is a way

Inside the tea house

Red and blue sky

I’m always up for a film swap. Let me know if you are interested!

Pinholeday Film Swap with Inge!


Two years ago when I visited Amsterdam to meet up with my Pinhole Obscura buddies on Pinholeday, we had a plan to bring along a roll of film to swap. Inge got the roll I brought. This past Pinholeday weekend, in Barcelona, she decided to re-shoot the roll! Here are the wonderful results!

Pinholeday Film Swap

Pinholeday Film Swap

Pinholeday Film Swap

Pinholeday Film Swap

Pinholeday Film Swap

You can see more Inge vs Moni film swaps on my Flickr.

From Barcelona to Barcelona


I am very excited to see another result from the Transatlantic Pinswap camera! This is a little project I came up with a couple of years ago. My friend, Todd Schlemmer provided the camera. We shoot a roll of film, rewind it, and then send it on to another person. They double expose the roll, shoot another roll, rewind, rinse, repeat. 🙂 check it out! It’s a bit slow going (cause it’s pinhole) but always fun to see a new post. This particular post features Jana and  JesĂşs.

The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Film Swap Project

The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Camera made the long journey from Jesus in Barcelona to my home in Seattle just two months ago. I got a little nervous when Jesus informed me the camera had been sent in February and a month later I still hadn’t received notice of delivery.

Thank goodness luck was on our side and about a week later a USPS notice appeared on my door. I drove to the post office and picked up a square box which rattled and made a noise like a child’s toy when the post officer placed it on the table. Inside the box was the camera, a few ziploc bags filled with 3D printed goodies, a notebook (gasp!) and a big magnet about Norfolk. I added a Seattle magnet from my fridge.


I shot Jesus’ exposed roll around Seattle, during dim sum with friends, then took it on the journey with me back…

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Today’s image is from the latest results of the Great Transatlantic Pinhole Filmswap Project. This is one of those serendipitous film swap photos that make me remember why I love doing these. I am not very fond of this self portrait of me, but I am sharing it here because today I need the reminder to love myself. The  odd thing about this photo is that I made a video at this exact time and shared it here on my blog, with a quote from Kendrick Lamar’s song, “I” (a song about loving oneself).

You can see the rest of the results from the swap here. And do let me know if you are interested in participating!


Geeky bits:

Camera: Terrapin 3d printed pinhole camera. Made by the fabulous Todd Schlemmer.
Film: Ektar 100

Inge shot her side in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I shot mine in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Filmswap Project


“What if a person just sent an entire camera, with film re-rolled and ready to double expose,  to another person? My Pinholga is lightweight and cheap, so if it gets lost in the mail it’s no big deal.” This is an idea I had after pondering film swaps and pinhole photography.   And thus an idea started to germinate. A traveling camera film swap.  Two film swaps and a dead camera later, I think we are on track. This time with a new name and a new camera.

10372132_1556444471254055_6580602399781478544_n Todd Schlemmer  graciously donated one of his Terrapin 3d printed pinhole camera systems to the project! Behold, The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Filmswap 2.0 begins!

A few weeks ago I received the new camera in the mail and immediately set out to shoot the roll that Todd had already exposed. I scanned the results last night and couldn’t be happier! I love how they turned out!

The camera will be perfect for the project! It has some really cool features, but the best one is that you can rewind the film in camera (no dark bag needed). This little feature makes it perfect for film swaps!

Interested in joining the fun?  Click here to find out how it works and how to participate.