That time I took a photo of garbage


Here is another shot from my One Pinhole A Day project. On my walk to work I often see empty plastic bottles of this brand of vodka lying by the sidewalk. It always makes we wonder about the person who emptied it. I decided to pinhole it one day.

Incidentally, I was interviewed last Friday evening on my friend John Meadow‘s podcast, MPP. We had a great conversation about pinhole photography, film, and the postcard swap. You can listen here. And his podcast, in general, is really great and worth subscribing to if you are a film photography geek (like me). 🙂

Geeky Bits

One Pinhole A Day

Day 35
Camera: Terrapin Bijou
Film: Ektachrome (cross processed)
Exposure time: 1 minute 4 seconds
Date: Dec 3, 2016




Today’s photoblog post revisits my One Pinhole A Day project. I brought my camera to work with me and pinholed the books piling up on the book truck as I weeded them.

You can follow more of this project on my photography website’s blog.


Geeky Bits:

Camera: Terrapin Bijou
Film: Kodak Ektachrome
Exposure time: 15 minutes

Sick Day self portrait


I am confusing myself. I have two “one such and such a day” projects going on two different blogs and I kind of forgot which photography project I was posting on this one. I think I will post something from my One Pinhole A Day project.

Here is a pinhole photo from the day after the election. I was actually sick that day, and not because of the results. I decided to pinhole myself taking a nap. while I was napping a friend texted me to cheer me up.

Geeky Bits
Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Portra 160
Exposure Time: 21 minutes 45 seconds
Date taken: November 9, 2016


Mt Hood Or Mars


I inadvertently took a couple week hiatus from my blog! The holidays kind of got all up in my business. But I remembered that tomorrow is New Years Eve and realized that I usually post something retrospective on NYE. And why not also post a photography post on the eve of NYE. So here you go.

This is another from my Mt Hood Or Mars series, taken with my zero image pinhole camera up on Mt Hood using Lomochrome Turquoise film.

Geeky Bits

Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Lomochrome Turquoise
Exposure time: 5 seconds
Developed at Blue Moon Camera and Machine.