In May I am participating, with friends and fellow PNW pinhole photographers, in a show of our photography. This will take place in Seattle (more details soon). The show’s theme is “slowing the selfie.” So, as you can see, and as you can probably tell, I have selfies on my mind lately! I’ve been working really hard deciding on what I want to submit. This is my first real show. The process has been fun and interesting, and a little scary as well. 🙂

Here is a pinhole self portrait I took a few weeks ago. It’s always fun to see how these photos turn out when I scan them weeks later. For this photo, I like the way the iPhone headphone cord turned out.

Geeky Bits

Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Portra 160
Exposure time: 20 minutes

Cultivating my supapowa*


Today’s photoblog image was taken during a Pinhole Mayhem outing in January. What a great day! We met in Downtown Portland and decided to do some pinhole street photography and selfies. It was perfect because it was sunny and beautiful. I will post more from that day when I have developed all of the film.

This particular photo was a group effort sort of thing. Gretchen or Donna (or both?) had something specific they were wanting to capture so while they were doing their thing I pinholed myself under the tree. Here is Gretchen’s shot from that set-up.


Geeky Bits:
Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Portra 160
Exposure Time: 3 minutes (? I think.)


* This is a reference to the fantastic book “A Tale For The Time Being” by Ruth Ozeki. Which you should totally read.



Today’s image is a self portrait taken with my pinhole camera at lunch a couple of weeks ago. Today is my Birthday and I’ve had a tradition of taking a self portrait on my birthday for the past several years. Consider this my self annual birthday self portrait.

Geeky Bits:
Camera: Terrapin Bijou
Film: Fuji Acros 100
Exposure: 2 minutes 49 seconds

The truth is behind the kale and yogurt


The truth is behind the kale and yogurt.

Today’s photoblog was inspired by something a friend said on Facebook a couple of years ago. It was an observation about Facebook being the equivalent of opening up the refrigerator and staring blankly into it looking for something to satisfy a hunger that can’t be satiated with food.

I couldn’t agree more with that metaphor. You will never find what you are really looking for in the fridge. Or Facebook.


Geeky bits:
Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Ektar 100
Exposure time: 8 minutes 24 seconds