Last night I dreamt of a brass door.
It keeps playing on the edge of my memory.
Teasing me
Asking me to open it.
But when I look at it it goes away.
All I can do is stare at it
In my mind.
I am powerless.
The orange robe of the
Tibetan monk sits firmly
In my mind.
Standing there in the ancient field
Naked except for the robe.
He stands there by himself


Something I dug up


This is kind of fun. I was going through Google Docs and found this little, what to call it.. ditty? poetry? (heavy on the question mark).

I think it’s a list of the last lines of journal entries from this past year. I’m not sure if they were randomly selected or what. It must have been the beginning of some writing exercise or something.

Something to think about.
I feel like I’m going a little crazy.
If jesus were around today they wouldn’t recognize him.
I need to stay the hell away from them.
I don’t want to be led into making that mistake again.
We are all rowing the same boat.
How does one feel it in everyday life?
I miss you being on this earth.

A favorite poem


To continue my little celebration of National Poetry Month I thought I’d read you one of my favorite poems, “Music Swims Back To Me” by Anne Sexton.

Years and years ago I bought a cassette tape (that is how long ago it was) of Anne Sexton reading her work (that is how much of a poetry nerd I am). This particular poem was on that tape and it was amazing. She has the most amazing, gritty voice. The way she read “Music Swims Back to Me” really brought it home. The poem really needs to be heard.

The Poem that Sexton is most famous for, and that gets into most of the anthologies is “Her Kind.” This is another one of my favorites.

I did a bit of sleuthing around on Google and found this page. I think this is the same recording I had on cassette. The version of  “Her Kind” on this recording is the one that I remember and it’s absolutely haunting.  “Music Swims Back to Me” is on the same recording at the 5:40 mark. It is first recording on the list.  Take a moment and have a listen by clicking here. In the name of National Poetry Month. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

A poem I wrote

I wanted to participate in National Poetry Month so I made a video of myself reading a Pantoum I wrote last year. The poem is from an old letter I found in my mom’s genealogy files years ago. It was written to my grandmother when she was researching our family history and it is written by a woman whose husband died. She starts the letter casually and then goes into detail about the the day her husband died and how it happens. It has always haunted me.

When I was in my poetry writing phase last year I was interested in working with the pantoum. I realized that if I took lines from this letter and worked it into this form it might make a good poem. After being there for the death of my step-dad a few months ago I can say that this is a really good form for this theme. When you witness the death of a loved one your thoughts are scattered. You try to have normal conversations but when the subject goes to “how are you doing” all you can think about is your loved one and how they died. At least that was my experience.

I hope you enjoy my poem. I’m kind of shy about sharing so this is kind of a big deal for me. I almost chickened out but I’m going to just put it out there because poetry is meant for sharing.