Polaroid Week


This is Polaroid week! It was a good excuse to purchase some new Polaroid film to play with. While I waited for my film to arrive I decided to play with the Polaroid 145 back I recently acquired to use with my Zero 45.

I play with instant film once in a blue moon, so it took a few tries to remember that you have to wait a few minutes to let the image develop before you peel apart the film. When I figured that out, though, the fun began! I’ve been having a blast all week with this, regardless of the lack of light and reciprocity failure. I am loving the “instant” results. (though this being pinhole, it’s still slow photography).




This particular shot was a 4 hour exposure!


The weather has been lousy this week for my new Polaroid film, but I’m giving it the old college try today. I will post the results in a few days.

Polaroid Week – Day 2


Wednesday evening my Impossible film was waiting for me in the mailbox! So I loaded up my new-to-me SX-70. Here she is:

Honestly, it is such a gorgeous camera, and I LOVE how it folds up flat into it’s leather case.

I wasn’t super thrilled with the results from my outing with it, though. this is pretty typical, I just can’t seem to warm up to Impossible film. Though I do like it best so far with this camera. It’s just so hard to justify the price tag.

Regardless, I did have lots of fun with it!  Here are my shots around town. Click for more info.

Polaroid week – Day 1


I wasn’t originally planning on participating in Polaroid Week. However, last weekend I purchased a Polaroid SX-70 at a swap meet and so got caught up in the fun. I ordered some Impossible Film for the SX-70, but in the meantime I remembered that I had my grandfather’s old Land Camera 320 in the closet, with some film still loaded from when I inherited it a couple of years ago.

I also had it wired to take AAA batteries! So yay for Past Monica!
While I was waiting for the Impossible Film I brought it with me to work last Wednesday. I was delighted that it worked! I snapped some shots of our library and around town. I was surprised the film was still good because it has been in the camera for a couple of years and was expired even before It found it’s way into the camera. Score one for Fuji!

Here are my shots. I had a lot of fun with it!

Fun with Polaroid



I bought a vintage Polaroid Camera last year from my friend Tyson.  I got it for a really good price and was super stoked. However, it has been sitting in my camera closet ever since the day I received it in the mail. I’ve been itching to play with film lately, including Polaroid film. I want to get a Polaroid attachment for my Holga, for example, and try my hand at image transfer. In the meantime, my husband picked up the closeted Polaroid and thought he would order some film for it and play. He searched online and, holy crap. Polaroid film is expensive. Completely out of the question expensive. He did a bit more searching and found Impossible Project Film.

This is all new to me but it is an interesting story. From what we were told by the people who sold us the film, Polaroid stopped making film for their cameras and they are not revealing the chemistry behind the film  so the The Impossible Project‘s goal is to reverse engineer the chemistry. It is not perfect and sometimes, as you can see in the photo above, you get weird spots on the image. I’m not sure what causes that.

Impossible Project Film is much less expensive. But it is still rather spendy.  Each photo is $3 a shot. Is it worth it? I don’t know.