Post Falls, Idaho, and househunting (again)


Post Falls

We went to Post Falls, Idaho yesterday and I took a bunch of photos of the dam. I didn’t know this before yesterday, but my Grandpa helped build it.It’s quite the sight right now because of the runoff from the snow melting in the mountains. I will post the pictures in the coming week.

Just now, as I was searching for the links above, I found out that there is some sort of cave near the dam. How interesting! Will have to check it out. I will report back what I find 🙂

One more unrelated thing. We are going house-hunting today! we drove by a few that we liked and the realtor is showing them to us. houses going pretty fast here. One of the ones we wanted look at has already sold! It’s a little daunting and frustrating. So keep your fingers crossed, and send positive vibes my way, (or say a prayer if you do that) that we will find exactly the right house for us 🙂

And I will also keep you updated on that, too!

Update: Oh God! I think we found one! Keep your fingers crossed for us…