Today is all about antibiotics and pain killers. Maybe that 12 mile run wasn’t such a great idea after all. I’m also thinking about yesterday’s eclipse and what an amazing experience it was. But I’m also feeling some regret. Looking at a map, I was sooo close to the path of totality. Maybe 15 miles […]

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Self, resting in a hammock

I brought my pinhole camera camping up on Mt Hood. It was a hot weekend and we wanted to escape the heat. It was nice to set up the hammock and rest for awhile. Camera: Reality So Subtle 6×6 Film: Ektar 100 Exposure time: 2 minutes 33 seconds Developed by Pro Photo Supply.

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Sunday Runday

I am training for another half marathon which is in September, so I will be posting running posts once a week .  I started training a couple of weeks ago and am using the Galloway method of running and walking in intervals. There is a small, competitive part of me that feels like walking during […]

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