September 2017 Postcard Swap


There is a new postcard swap up for September! You may sign up at Elfster by clicking here. Please invite your friends!

We are exchanging postcard sized prints of our original photography that you either print traditionally in a darkroom, or that you print on an inkjet printer. Film and Digital photography both welcome!

Last month I got a beautiful print from my friend Stacie! You can find more of her work on Instagram.


August postcard swap


I have a new postcard swap up on Elfster ready for you to sign up! You can do so by following this link. Tell your friends! The more the merrier! And it’s pretty low key. Just send out one postcard a month, and receive on in return.  Who doesn’t love fun mail?

A couple of months ago I received this beautiful print and zine from a new Twitter buddy, Paul Romaniuk,  whom I met via the postcard swap. He goes by @studiocentrale on Twitter .  Check out his awesome work at The zine was inspiring as I would love to make a zine sometime in the near future. 


We are exchanging postcard sized prints of our original photography that you either print traditionally in a darkroom, or that you print on an inkjet printer. Film and Digital photography both welcome!

February Postcard Swap

Life, Thoughts and Opinions

The February postcard swap is posted on Elfster and ready for you to sign up. You may do so by clicking here:

February postcard swap

I am really enjoying the Elfster format! I love that there is a discussion feature and I also especially love the gallery feature where we can share photos of the postcards we receive. There are some things that make it a little confusing for our purposes. I’m taking note of all of this so that when my husband codes something it will work really well for this. If you have any thoughts about features you would like please let me know!

In January I received this fantastic darkroom print from Daniel Schnieder! I’ve been following him on Twitter for awhile now and love his work. You can see more on his website.

And speaking of postcards, my political thought of today:

I am gathering up resources to take action against what is happening with our government. Among the various things I’m doing at the moment, is gathering together a shit ton of postcards that I can have on hand to send to congress about issues that come up. For example, today I found out that a bill was introduced to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT?!?) So I am going to send a postcard to my congressmen. I have a feeling I will be sending lots of postcards out in the near future.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about postcards. I discovered that you can download a handy postcard template from the Women’s March website to mass print at a printer. And these are also some really cool downloadable templates. I also started following this (completely awesome) small press. You can buy their postcards here. I’m also just thinking about making my own with card stock. It might be a good way to focus some of my anger into something creative.



January 2017 Postcard Swap


I decided to move the Postcard swap over to Elfster for the time being. I was having some glitchy issues with Google Forms. We used it a few years ago but left for reasons I can’t remember. But now that I’m back I kind of like it. There is a way to communicate with everyone in the group, questions can be asked and answered group-wise. There is also a place to share photos of the postcards people receive, which might be fun. So anyway, if you are interested in signing up, go over there and fill out the form! We would love to have you! And please invite your friends! The more the merrier!

If you are wondering what this is, we are a group of photographers who exchanges postcard prints of our original photography. We are film and digital photographers. The only real rule is that the photo must be your original work.

This past month I got some goodies from John Meadows (left), Peter DeGraff (middle), and Inge Van Leipsig(right)! Do check out their amazing photos! (by clicking on their names).

December Postcard Swap


There is only two more days to sign up for the December post card exchange! The last postcard exchange of 2016.

This month I received a post card from my friend Gretchen. She is one of my fellow #PinholeMayhem crew. We’ve had lots of fun shooting together over the past couple of years. She is an amazing photographer. Please visit her website to see more!

The postcard that she sent me is one that was chosen by the BBC for an article about pinhole photography. It’s beautiful and I’m going to frame it.

If you are interested in getting awesome art in the mail, sign up below! Visit the Postcard Swap page for more details.