February postcard swap


Why hello there, Blatherskite Readers! I am sorry for the radio silence lately. I haven’t been up for blogging much lately. Hopefully this ennui will pass soon. In the meantime, the latest postcard swap is live! If you would like to sign up you can do so below.

This month features a postcard from my Twitter friend Michael Sturgess! You can find more of his work on his website.

September Postcard Swap!


The September postcard swap is now live! To sign up – fill out the form below.

A few people have asked: “do I have to sign up more than once?” The answer is, “yes.” I don’t have a way to generate a new swap each month using the names from previous months so you will have to sign up for each month individually. This can be a good thing because what if you want to take a break from exchanging postcards? You simply just don’t sign up for the month.

This month’s postcard, featured above, comes from my Spokane Flickr pal, Michael Crites. I have known Michael for a damn long time. Probably around 8 years? Almost too many to count. He’s a very talented photographer and I was very delighted to receive a postcard from him this month. You can check out his work on his Facebook page.

I have to say, I am really enjoying this swap very much. I really enjoy sending out cards and getting one each month makes my day. I have even made up a little scrap book to collect them in. I had fun collaging the cover with stamps received on letters from all over the world. I am kind of in love with the postmarks, as well. I have special stamps that I buy for the postcards I send out. Currently I am using Jimi Hendrix stamps. The Welches, Oregon uses a really cool looking postmark. This might sound weird, but I am tempted to send myself a letter so I can have my very own Jimi Hendrix stamp with a Welches postmark. Anyway, here the cover of my little notebook. I am using a Moleskine Kraft Folio for this. I’ll share more of it when I get stuff inside.

And, last but not least, here is the signup form! If you have questions, ask in the comments. Happy swapping!

The September postcard swap is now closed. To be notified of future swaps fill out the form below.

June Postcard Swap


The June Postcard Swap is LIVE! And I don’t have very many people signed up yet. So if you like getting interesting mail, sign yo-self up! It’s been a fun way to connect with other photographers by sharing actual prints of our work.

Digital and film photography welcome! We don’t discriminate here. Join us! It’s fun! And please share this with your friends! You have until the 15th to sign up.

The featured image in this post is the postcard I received this month from Carter Mahnke. I met Carter a few months ago via this postcard swap! And I’ve since been enjoying his Instagram and Flickr feeds. Check out more of his work on his website.

February Print Exchange!


February has flown by faster than I can comprehend. I am not sure what happened! I haven’t had a chance to share information about the postcard swap for February. We are using Elfster again. With Elfster you have to sign up each time if you want to take part. So if you signed up for January you have to sign up again in February.

Sign up for the Elfster Postcard/Print Exchange here on Elfster! The deadline is Feb. 15th.

There were several people who were interested in sending and receiving more than one postcard. We created a Google document with a list of our addresses. If you are interested in being added to this document let me know and I will invite you to be an editor of it.  I don’t want to make it public for obvious reasons.

I have really been enjoying this project very much! More than I even expected. It’s been fun.

A couple of things that may be helpful to others:

1) You can buy darkroom paper that has the postcard markings on the back! it is made by Illford. I have been using this for my black and white darkroom prints.

2) Snapfish does postcards. You can easily import Flickr photos into Snapfish and make them. They will even print your return address on them.

let me know if you have any questions!

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