Once upon a time…


back in the olden days before we were married.

Once upon a time I met a really cute skateboarder. I fell in love with him  the moment I met him. I fell in love with the way the skin around his eyes would wrinkle when he smiled. I fell in love with the sparkle in his eyes.  I knew on that night that I would marry him someday.

5 years later we were married. And now we have stayed married for 17 years. He is my best friend and favorite person.  And I still love that smile.

Happy anniversary, my love.


Here we are this past April in a bar in Amsterdam. Photo by Jeff McConnell.


Dueling Lenses



Raf and I had a fun day a few weeks ago playing cameras together. I think I am luring him, ever so slowly, into the world of film photography. He has decided that the Praktica is his so he has been using that. I was playing with a cheap find at Goodwill.

The roll in the Praktica was the first of the bulk roll of Arista 100 and I am very pleased with the results! I was a little nervous about how it would look but I am really liking the results of Raf’s roll. He still has to scan much of the roll so there is more to see. The next roll I will show him how to develop film.

Happy Birthday to my guy


Today is my Favorite Person’s birthday! I am so glad he was born. He fills my heart and my life with love. Which is good, because all of the overflowing love is spread out to the rest of the world. ‘Cause that’s how love works. He makes my life interesting and I am honored to have him as a partner.

Rafael took this photo with the Holga Pinhole camera while we were on vacation in Seattle. It is another view of this sculpture from the Olympic Sculpture Garden. I saw this photo on my computer this morning and was so stoked that I had to share it with you (with his permission). I think he might be catching the Pinhole Bug, as well!


A Conversation

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Scene: Moni is doing housework and “Harlem Shake” comes up on Raf’s Spotify playlist.

Moni: I feel like I am being implanted with a secret message from the goverment when I hear this song.

Raf: I know. There is something very hypnotic about it.

Moni: It terrifies me when they say “El” over and over. Why? What is it about “El” that is so frightening?

Raf: That’s the command.