Photography Friday: Seattle Public Library



I spent all day on Tuesday at the Seattle Central Library for a workshop. I’d never been there before.  I heard so many things about it and was looking forward to seeing it myself. It is an interesting, evocative place. My introduction to it was this red hallway. I entered the library (a giant glass pyramid-like structure) before it opened and was shuffled to the fourth floor. When I stepped out of the elevator I found myself in a very red hallway. It was quite shocking. As my workshop wore on all day I had plenty of time to experience this red hallway. It evoked a strong response from me, one that I didn’t like. I found the blood-red color frightening. Then I noticed that the hallway had no corners. There is something very disarming about that. As I thought about it I realized that being in this dark, red, angle-less hallway made me feel like I was being swallowed by something.

It was very weird.

At lunch I had some time to walk around the rest of the library. The artwork in the Green Escalator was especially weird. As was the Books Spiral. I didn’t get a photo of that but the concept is interesting. The Non-Fiction collection is shelved in such a way that it spirals down through the building a few floors. Here is a photo that can illustrate what is going on to a certain extent. However, it really is something that one should go and experience themselves.

As I was wandering through I couldn’t help but feel like I was in a very surreal dream. I often have dreams (sometimes nightmares) in which I wander through a large institutional building. Being in this building was like something straight out of my dreams.


Flickr Time Machine


Burning bush

No deep thoughts running through my head today. Instead, here is an episode of Flickr Time Machine! This was not taken on October 4th. It was actually taken on October 2nd, 2008. However, I saw this photo and it triggered memories of the last Presidential Election. I took this photo on my way to the car at work. The library I worked at has beautiful, colorful trees in the fall and I took  every opportunity to photograph them. I was anxious to get home that evening to watch the presidential debate between Obama and McCain, and that is what I was thinking about when I took this.

Presidential debates are upon us again and, four years later,  feel anxious. I don’t want a repeat of the Bush years. 

Fire Hose


I think this is the last of my photos from the Bay Area trip. Time to start taking more pictures. The weather this week has totally sucked. We got a blizzard earlier in the week and then stupid-cold temperatures. Like in the single digits. Which is very odd for this time of year. It usually starts warming up in March.