Not Again!


I can’t believe we are here. AGAIN.

Dr. Dobson‘s group is already running advertisements against senators who do not plan to support the amendment, including one against Senator Ken Salazar, Democrat of Colorado, that says, “Why doesn’t Senator Salazar believe every child needs a mother and a father?” Republican Party officials in several states have released statements attacking Democrats who are not expected to vote for the amendment. And another conservative group, the Family Research Council, is planning to ask lawmakers to take “a marriage protection pledge” and then tell voters who signs it and who does not. Dr. Dobson and other proponents of the ban got a boost on Monday afternoon, when Mr. Bush called on the Senate to approve the measure. “The constitutional amendment that the Senate will consider this week would fully protect marriage from being redefined,” Mr. Bush told a room of religious leaders and advocates.

This is clearly an issue to 1. take the sheeple’s minds off of the REAL problems in the country. And there are a lot of them.  2. Divert our attention away from Bush and his Repugnant Republican co-hort’s crimes. 3. WASTE CONGRESSES TIME.

What a frigging waste of breath, debating this issue. Seriously. Letting people who are gay or lesbian get married IS NOT THREATENING MY MARRAIGE. That is the most ridiculous, stupid thing I have ever heard. And aren’t these so-called republicans supposed to be for state’s rights? Smaller Government? So why the fuck are they trying to create an Amendment banning Gay Marraige? that’s about as big government as I can imagine.

Ugh! This issue makes me so angry. And it makes me mad that I even have to be angry about it. That it’s even something that we are discussing in this place and time in history. THERE ARE BIGGER ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE ADDRESSED!  Like getting the Chimp-in-Chief impeached. For the love of God.

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Court Rules California Cannot Ban Gay Marriages

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Yahoo! News – Court Rules California Cannot Ban Gay Marriages

In a victory for gay rights groups, a California Superior Court judge ruled on Monday that the state’s voter-approved ban on homosexual marriage is unconstitutional.

Thought I’d crawl out of my hole to post this article I just saw on Yahoo News. This is fantastic news, indeed! I remember when this went on the ballot a few years ago (the law that made marraige between a man and a woman only). Of course I voted against it. I couldn’t believe it when it overwhelmingly passed. I think Santa Cruz and San Francisco counties were, like, the only counties in Califoria that voted no on the ballot measure. Or something like that. I remember being shocked by the amount of people who voted yes. Disgusted, really. It’s hard to believe that people are so bigoted. But they are. Yes, California can be a red state, too.

State’s high court ruling on gay marriage painful


State’s high court ruling on gay marriage painful By SHANNA McCORD SENTINEL STAFF WRITER August 13, 2004
“We are just trying to be good members of society and take responsibility for each other.” – Santa Cruz lawyer Margaret Leonard, who exchanged vows in San Francisco with her parther of 19 years.

I’m am saddened by what this decision has done to all of these couples. I think it’s awful. It’s time to stop discriminating against gays and lesbians! Let’s let them have the same rights as heterosexual married couples. It seems crazy to me that this is even an issue. To me it’s as crazy as the banning of interracial couples. It just seems nuts. These are people that are members of society, raise families, pay taxes, etc. They deserve the same rights. What does it matter if a gay couple gets married? What is so wrong with two people loving each other? The fundamentalist’s problem with it just totally baffles me.

Am I living in the United States?!?



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Yahoo! News – Bush to Back Gay Marriage Ban Amendment

I was watching the news this morning, waiting to see what the traffic report was going to be when the morning broadcast was rudely interupted by Mr. Bush. And, man oh man, I couldn’t believe what I heard. He made his official statement about amending the Constitution to ban gay marriages. I was watching this, getting more and more angry, wondering what the hell happened to my country. Now we are writing bigotry into the Constitution? What the hell is going on here?!? I really feel the need to write to my Senators and Representatives. However, I think, (I hope) that Boxer and Fienstien have thier wits about them. But then I don’t know. Didn’t they both vote yes for the Patriot Act?

I can’t believe this is happening…It is frightening that Bush wants to alienate a whole group of American citizens. Amending the Constitution to ban gay marriage? Isn’t that a little extreme?!?


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Yahoo! News – Laura Bush Says Gay Marriage ‘Shocking’
I’m sorry, but I feel like I am totally missing something…..What is the problem with gay marriage?!? Why is it so shocking? Why is it shocking that two people who love each other, who are living together and have been partners for 10, 15, 25, etc. years get married? These are people who contribute to society, raise families, and, damn it, they deserve to have the same rights as everyone else! Why is love so shocking? I think we are looking at the biggest case of homophobia that this country has ever seen.