Pinholeday photos – Painted Ladies

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So pinholeday! I need to share my photos with you. I shot a couple of rolls of film and really liked a lot of what was on the roll. I was super thrilled that they came out because I developed them myself and I’m still a little uneasy about developing c-41.

Here are a couple of shots of the Painted Ladies. I really am happy with how these came out. I was a bit worried about the composition because the park across the street was closed and that is generally where people stand to get the famous shot of them. But with the magic of pinhole the cars driving by disappeared and the wide angle helped me get a unique shot right up close. I was practically standing on the steps for the second shot!

Painted Ladies 2

Painted Ladies


Geeky Bits:
Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Portra 160
Exposure time: 1 – 5 seconds
Developed with Cinestill’s c-41 kit

WPPD – Chinatown, SF


I can’t believe I didn’t post my Pinholeday photo on this blog! As I mentioned, I’ve been really struggling with depression for awhile and a lot of things have slipped my mind. I think I’m finally starting to feel better. And thus remembering to do things that I haven’t done.

I am actually really happy with many of the photos I took on Pinholeday so I will post them here as my next Friday photo blog series.

This year I met up with my pinhole photography buddies in San Francisco and we had a great time hanging out, wandering the streets of SF. Here is one from when we walked through Chinatown. I turned my camera around toward one of the shops. I really liked the mist of the flowing crowd through the frame.

Geeky Bits

Camera: Zero 2000
Film: Portra 160
Exposure time: 26 seconds
Development: Cinestill C-41 kit

Chinatown Pinholeday


Again, The Golden Gate Bridge


I have written about my experience walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in March. It wasn’t a pleasant one. When I came home and after I wrote my blog post about it I found myself wanting to watch The Bridge again. I don’t know why. This bridge has been haunting me.

What I did not tell you about that day was that I was also shooting photos on a roll of film that I would send overseas to Brendan for another round of his International Film Swap project.

The photos from the bridge are as haunting as the bridge itself. Kind of spooky, actually. Here, have a look:

Mother Mary watches over the Golden Gate

Mother Mary watches over the Golden Gate

Honestly. Does this need any explanation? It gives me chills.

Resting place

Final Resting Place

I showed this to Raf and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Final resting place.”

Bridge or mortuary?

Bridge or mortuary?

When I shot this sign I thought it was kind of funny and rebellious. If you look closely you will see that right under the word “Bridge” is the word “Mortuary” (from Brendan’s double exposure). Indeed, the place feels very haunted to me. Lots of very sad souls there.

There are more really cool photos from the swap that are less morbid and I will share them in another post. Stay tuned!

My exposures are from SF (obvs) and Brendan’s exposures are in Dublin.

I’m Ba-ck

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I’m back! We had a fanatastic time. I’m kind of sad to leave. But, it’s strange, I kind of missed Spokane. weird.

I went to San Francisco on St. Paddy’s day with my friend, Judy. We went to Yarn Mecca, Artfibers. I posted all about that on my knitting blog. But we also went to this place called Lefty O’Doul’s and had a Guinness draft. It was sooooo good. Totally hit the spot. We sat in a booth and chatted, caught up on stuff.

When we were going back to the BART station we had an interesting thing happen on the escalator. We were merrily going along on our way, down the escalator when there were a few bums on the bottom creating a bit of a stir. It seemed as if one of them was stuck and couldn’t get off of the escalator. All of a sudden all three of them fell down and were not getting up. It became apparant that we would not be able to get off the escalator and that we would become part of the dogpile that was being created by the downward motion of the escalator. So Judy turned around and said “oh god” and rolled her eyes and started walking up the escalator, and I followed suit, annoyed. But then I realized that we weren’t going to get to the top, in fact we weren’t really going anywhere (duh!) and the men at the bottom were not getting up! There was a lady behind me that started to panic (which was kind of stupid, I thought). FINALLY I turned around and the escalator was cleared so that little disaster was averted.

So strange.

So these homeless guys start fighting. Luckily, our train arrived very quickly, but one of the guys ends up next to us and he enters the same car as us. We sit down and this guy is standing near the door. One of the guys he was fighting with comes up to the car and reaches into it and begins beating the man with his cane! He gets a few good hits in there and then leaves when somebody tells him to stop. I am looking at all of this not really believing it when I notice that the man on our car has a switchbade opened up ready to attack. Finally the train took off, but it took FOREVER for the man to put his knife away.

So that was our little BART adventure on ST. Paddy’s day. Judy and I agreed that it was the stangest thing that ever happened to us on BART. And I’m glad I had a Guinness in me when it all happened.

Unfortunately batteries in my camera died on my way up to SF. Ugh! But I got a few pics from earlier in the week of Santa Cruz.

Tommorrow I will tell you all about my champange brunch in Carmel-by-the-sea yesterday.



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Ariolimax dolichophallus at UCSC

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We arrived in San Jose on Monday afternoon. Yesterday we drove over to Santa Cruz and spent the day there. It was weird being there again. It just all feels so familiar. I feel like I have been in an alternate universe for six months and now I’m home again. Like I’ve never left…

So first we went to UCSC to the Bay Tree Bookstore to buy a new UCSC sticker for my car. I also bought a Zen Slug t-shirt, too. I’ve wanted one for a long time. It was so beautiful on campus. The Redwood trees, the lushness of the forest, the smell of the Bay trees. It’s awesome. I’ve miss it. AND it was so nice that I actually took off my coat. TOOK OFF MY COAT! I was stoked.

Next we went to the ocean and walked around. So beatiful. I took pictures and will post them when I get back. They speak for themselves.

We drove north up the coast toward Ano Nuevo. It was just so beautiful. It was sunny and the views were incredible. I miss being able to hop in my car and drive up the California coast anytime I wanted. as we were driving I just drank it all in, knowing that I will be back in Spokane next week.
After that we stopped by our favorite hippy store, The Food Bin and the Herb Room. Raf bought some organic cookies and i got some bulk lavender lotion.  There was some lady in there buying herbs to try and heal her sinus infection.
After that we went to Pogonip to try to go for one of our favorite hikes. It ended up being too muddy so we didn’t get very far.

Then, finally, we drove down to Capitola and  walked around the village. Peeked in some of the shops, walked on the beach.

I can’t believe all that we packed into the day! Any one of the things we did yesterday would be an excursion for a single day.

Later on that evening we went to Santana Row because we hadn’t been there yet. We were in shock. A few years ago it was a shabby, empty outdoor shopping center. It is really nice now, although I don’t think I would want to live in one of the condos above the shops.

Today I went to SCU and had lunch with some of the people I used to work with here. It was so great to seem them all again!

I will try to update again this week. Will probably go to SF later this week.