Child Population Dwindles in San Francisco – Yahoo! News


Child Population Dwindles in San Francisco – Yahoo! News

But most families need two or more incomes to keep their homes, and their children spend most of their days being cared for by others.

“We have so many friends who are moving out and say how much easier life has been for them,” Bakstad said. “If we can make it work in the city, we would love to stay. In a way, the jury is out.”

I was just having a conversation about this about an hour ago, and, look, here is an article about it. I would go as far to say that this is happening in the entire Bay Area in general. Young families just can’t afford to live here so they are moving out. I mean, look at me, for example. I would love to have a kid. But I think about the logistics of that and it just ain’t happening as long as I live here. Money is the main reason. Not being able to afford to live in anything bigger than a 1 bedroom apartment. those kinds of things.

I really wonder what this mass exodus is going to do to this area? It really makes me wonder.

Dad and Val


Here is a picture of my dad and his wife, Val when we were at dinner near Fisherman’s Wharf. I think this is such a great picture of them. You would never guess that they got up at 3am to catch the plane 🙂 .

I don’t know if you can see it but the waiter’s shirt says “Itchin’ for crabs.” Good Lord. I didn’t notice that shirt at the time.

I haven’t been very good at posting a photo a day for the past few months 😦 . I think I will get back into it again now that I have installed this awesome WordPress Plugin called Photopress.