Holga Love – “A game of Fetch in the Sandy River”



I think that since the Holga Factory is closing its doors it’s a given that my photoblog posts should feature images I’ve taken with a Holga. So from now until the end of the year I’ll post some of my favorites from the archives.

Here is one I took while hiking with friends at the Sandy River Delta about 3 years ago. It is one of my favorites. I’ve even made darkroom prints of it. There are a lot of shots from that roll that I really like. You can see more Holga shots from that day on this blog post.

Geeky Bits

Camera: Holga 120N
Film: Kodak TMax 400

Sandy River Delta

Travel and Other Adventures

My friend and coworker, Susie, and I go on hikes on federal holidays together. We don’t usually have the same days off so holidays are the only time when we can actually hang out. She is an avid hiker, like me, so we usually hit the trail on these holidays. Last time we got together we went show-shoeing up at Trillium Lake. This time, since I didn’t have my Jeep yesterday (and, thus, no snow vehicle), we decided to avoid the snow and hike instead. We went to the Sandy River Delta. Neither of us had been there so we thought we would check it out. I am really glad we did! It was flat, which I loved. I am not good with hills, so I appreciated a flat hike for once. It’s a great place to bring your dog. I think it is actually a dog park. It was really fun to see all of the happy dogs running around.

We ended up hiking 6 miles. We wandered around the trails, not following the hike that we originally planned on taking. Our trail took us through the Sandy Delta where we saw where the river overflows. We ended up at the Columbia River across from Vancouver.

We had lunch afterwards at McMenamin’s Edgefield (in Troutdale) at the Black Rabbit. I had never been there and we were close by. Susie and Danny decided I needed to go there. It is  amazing! Murals everywhere. We didn’t even wander the whole campus. I need to go back, for sure.

I brought along my Holga and a roll of black and white film and am looking forward to getting it developed. I will post them here when I do.

Here are some photos from the day. These were all taken with my iPhone using Hipstamatic. A couple of them are Instagram.