Wayback Wednesday


One of my Flickr/blogger/twitter/instagram/real-life friends started posting these on Flickr and Instagram and I think it’s fun! So much that I am stealing the idea for my blog. Wayback Wednesday! I plan to raid my mom’s photo albums when I visit her in Spokane in a couple of  weeks.

Here is a photo of me when I graduated from UCSC in 2001. It was such a happy day. After the ceremony we went to Kresge College, the college at UCSC that I affiliated with, where there was a celebration extravaganza. There was a jazz band playing the songs from Super Mario Brothers and I  thought that was the raddest thing I’ve ever heard.



That is the sound of me yelling in frustration. I stopped by Office Depot today to pick up a few things and they happened to have the film scanner I’ve wanted, the Epson v500. I was all, “killer! I might as well buy it today.” So off I go, all happy and excited. I installed the software, plugged it all in and scanned some old photos. Worked great! Then I tried scanning some negatives. didn’t work. I have tried everything to get this thing to work. I think it is defective. So I am off to go return the stupid thing (that wasted my fucking day trying to get it to work).

Anyway, here is a snapshot that I scanned. I found it in my desk. It is from when I was a nanny in New York and my friend and I visited NYC  (I was 20 years old). Looking at it brings back lots of fond memories.