The Tree in Black and White


The tree in B&W

Last month I visited Portland’s Japanese Garden with a roll of black and white film in my pinhole camera and thought I’d try pinholing The Tree. Here is the result.

Today I pinholed it again, but in color, with expired slide film that I will cross process. I was there with my fellow Pinhole Obscura blogger, Jeff. And I got to meet another pinhole photographer, Souhade of Pinholistically Yours. They are in town for WPPD on Sunday! Exciting stuff. I’ve had a great time seeing the photos from my internet friends converging on Portland this weekend. It reminds me of the anticipation and excitement I had when I went to Amsterdam last year. I am missing a little of that excitement this year since Portland is home and I’m not going anywhere. Seeing the excitement of my friends makes up for that. 🙂

Geeky Bits

Camera: Schlem P6*6
Film: Acros 100
Exposure Time: 22 seconds

Roll 26 – A 3d Printed Pinhole camera


I have lost the whole concept of time regarding this project, but here is my 26th roll.

52 rolls

A few days before I left for Amsterdam I ordered a Schlem P6*6 3D printed pinhole camera from Todd Schlemmer. Todd lives in Seattle, a mere hop, skip, and Jump away from where I live near Portland. So I fully expected to receive the camera via mail after our trip. However, Todd was planning on going to Amsterdam as well so he offered to deliver the camera on WPPD in AMS! It was very exiting to receive it on this most special day. My husband used the camera that day and enjoyed it very much. You can see my husband’s WPPD submission with this camera here in the WPPD gallery.

When we got back from our trip I ran some color film through it. I really loved using it! I love that it has a lens cap, it makes exposures less shaky (see this post about that trick

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